Health Care Public Policy Analyst Careers

The job of a public policy analyst is not one to be taken lightly. As a public policy analyst you're responsible for working on behalf of your community to shape the decisions and ultimately laws that affect daily life. Public policy analysts are influential in every domain including technology, law, health care, and education. A focus in the health care field, will have you analyzing current policy and researching the ways health care can be improved. While the term public policy analyst can be interpreted differently depending on specialization, within health care, you are working to make sure that patients and professionals are well-represented. Public policy is an important role not just in health care, but in the community.

Health Care Public Policy Analyst Job Description

Working as a public policy analyst in the health care field means you could be researching and advocating for a variety of topics. You could be examining the healthcare options within your community, researching the latest trends in pharmaceutical use for a corporation, leading a taskforce to determine health care needs for public school systems, or lobbying for specific research funding on behalf of a hospital. In any of these cases, your work could have a profound impact.

Health Care Public Policy Analyst Requirements

To be an effective public policy analyst you must have a passion for community, demonstrate business-savvy, and above all, know the health care field. While you can start out in the field with a bachelor's in health administration or public health, a long-term career will generally require a related master's in health administration, public health or public administration. Experience working in the health care field as a nurse, doctor or administrator will go a long way in securing a job as well. In addition to education and experience, a good public health policy analyst will be on top of current events and developments within both health care and community.

Health Care Public Policy Analyst Career Outlook

As a public policy analyst chances are high that you will land work in a nonprofit or governmental organization. As a result you will find yourself with a job that can positively affect many, but that does not come with as a high a salary range as other jobs in health care.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for a Health Service Manager, a category that includes Public Policy, is $101,340 annually (2013).

This being said, the job of a public policy analyst can be one which provides you with options to advance to higher levels of government or advocacy. Work in this field should remain at a pretty steady level, but those who want to be competitive should pursue advanced degrees and relevant internships.

Health Care Public Policy Analyst Trends

The job title of public policy analyst is rather broad and can be interpreted differently depending on how and where you are employed. In general, people are drawn to the career through a desire to promote and help their communities. With health care policy at the forefront of current events, a variety of opportunities should be available for health care policy analysts.