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The HealthAdministrationDegrees.com Excellence in Health Administration Scholarship is Now Closed

For every frontline healthcare team and department delivering exceptional direct patient care, there are administrators allocating the resources and providing the support it takes to make it happen. From quality of care considerations to budgeting to staffing and beyond, healthcare administrators keep hospitals and other facilities running full tilt in communities across America. But as any administrator will tell you, looking out for the bottom line by optimizing efficiencies and cost-savings is just half the battle. At the end of the day, being an effective administrator is all about looking out for the well-being of people by advocating for staff and working to improve patient outcomes.

Whether pursuing a bachelor’s degree to get a career off the ground, transitioning from direct patient care with an MSN in nursing administration, or seeking advancement or specialization by earning an MHA, we recognize the outstanding contributions that administrators are making, and the hard work it takes to get into one of these positions.


The application window is now closed.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

Any recently accepted or currently enrolled student in a qualifying undergraduate or graduate program in health administration or related areas (e.g., nursing administration, organizational leadership, healthcare management, health services administration, healthcare operations, healthcare leadership, etc.), as well as bachelor’s with a minor in health administration, and MBAs, MSNs, and MPHs with a healthcare administration emphasis.

All current undergraduate and graduate students who have completed at least one semester/quarter must provide proof of having a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 in their program so far.

All recently accepted undergraduate students must provide proof of being accepted into a qualifying undergraduate program and must provide proof of having a minimum cumulative high school GPA of 3.5 if enrolling in an associate’s or four-year bachelor’s; or in their associate’s program if transferring in credits to begin a bachelor’s.

All recently accepted graduate students must provide proof of being accepted into a qualifying master’s degree program and must provide proof of having a minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.5.

Scholarship Application Requirements

You will need to submit just two things to meet the scholarship application requirements:

  • Complete application form with verifiably true and accurate information
  • 100% original essay that addresses the topic described below (2,500 words or less)

If your essay is selected, we will contact you using the email you provide on the application and request the following documentation to verify your eligibility:

  • Proof of enrollment or acceptance in a qualifying undergraduate or graduate program (letter of acceptance or another verifiable document with university letterhead)
  • Proof of meeting minimum GPA requirements (transcript summary or another verifiable document with university letterhead)

Any false or inaccurate information on the application form or plagiarized content on the essay would be grounds for immediate disqualification.

Essay Topic

Today’s health administrators need to bring a diverse skillset to the table. They’re expected to keep up with everything from HIPAA considerations and compliance with state and other federal regulations, while at the same time marshaling the power of patient data to produce better outcomes at a lower cost. They need to stay ahead of the advance of healthcare technology to ensure their facility can offer the best care, while at the same time keeping costs down and promoting equity when it comes to the accessibility of quality care. And, in these unusual times, it’s all being done against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic as employee morale and productivity is put to the test. It’s a role that requires resolve and compassion, and the ability to achieve perfect balance between a hundred factors that could make or break a medical practice.

What traits do you feel are most important in the field of health administration at this particular moment in history, and why? Is it an ability to be adaptable and open to change? Does a strong sense of social justice top the list? Or is it the ability to lead and build relationships across the enterprise in a way that connects everyone in the organization, from staff to executive leadership? Maybe it’s all of these things and more.

In 2,500 words or less, we want you to share your experiences with us. Whether you have a background in healthcare or not, we want to know how the things you’ve seen and dealt with have influenced your decision to become an administrator, and how those experiences have colored your sense of the most important skills and traits effective administrators should embody.

Selecting the Winner

Our staff will review all applications and essays that meet the basic requirements and select a winner based strictly on the strength of the essay.

The essay topic is all about your personal experience and your own subjective thoughts and opinions. So naturally, there is some subjectivity to our selection process. This means that everyone with a qualifying GPA who is enrolled in or has been accepted to a qualifying program has an equal shot at winning, regardless of background, employment history, or extracurriculars. We feel this is the most equitable way to approach the selection process.

We know that all applicants are worthy of the award, but we’re limited to choosing just one winner per year.

Announcing the Winner

We will start by contacting the winner by phone or email to deliver the good news. At that time, we will ask for proof of current enrollment and transcripts covering the period of time that passed since submitting the application.

If the selected recipient is unable to supply the required documentation, or if the GPA has dropped below 3.5 since submitting the application, we reserve the right to rescind the award and give it to another applicant.

We will ask the winner to provide a picture of themselves along with a few words that we will publish right here on HealthAdministrationDegrees.com.

We will then make our official announcement to share the good news with our readers.

Non-Discrimination Policy

HealthAdministrationDegrees.com does not discriminate based on age, race, sex, religion, disability status or sexual orientation. All qualified applicants are given equal consideration and are assessed strictly based on the strength of their essay. It is at the sole discretion of our staff to select the applicant we feel best exemplifies the traits and values of a great healthcare administrator.

Official Rules