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Wisconsin Health Administration Degree Programs

If you are looking to make a difference in the world of healthcare within Wisconsin, you can likely do so by earning your entry level or advanced healthcare administration degree. Wisconsin offers a wide range of opportunities, and we have taken the time to list the degree options here. Whether you are looking for a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration or if you would like to pursue graduate studies in this field, we can help.

Take some time to review the programs, including those from online schools in Wisconsin, that can result in a degree that prepares you for administrative roles in healthcare. Once you have an idea of which leadership roles in healthcare interest you, request program information to get details.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, there has been a great deal of expansion and funding for healthcare improvement in recent years. Healthcare is big business in the state, with a great deal of focus being placed upon the transition of the state’s healthcare systems to more sophisticated data management and information exchanges. Included in this is the move to meaningful use, high level quality incentives for healthcare and the implementation of healthcare reform nationwide.

If you are ready to look into your options for entering and influencing healthcare, request more information about healthcare administration degree programs from the schools below.

Healthcare Administration Education in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has various schools with degree programs in health care administration. If you’re interested in becoming a health unit coordinator or in specializing in health information technology, you should investigate some of the more technical programs offered in the state. You may also find that these kinds of degrees can be found within a business school. Wisconsin also offers online options for study, which can be flexible and helpful if you are planning to attend classes while you are already working.

Most professionals that aim to enter this career begin by obtaining a Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration or similar degree. This degree usually requires four years of study, and includes several management, business and healthcare related courses. You will learn the basics of accounting, business processes within healthcare, policy issues, ethics and human resource management.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers in Wisconsin

At the top of any healthcare institution or employer in Wisconsin, you’ll find a healthcare executive or administrator who oversees financial operations, staff and patient satisfaction, organizational goals, and healthcare standards. In addition, many institutions hire managers to head up different departments, projects, and wings.

In Wisconsin, some of the places you may use a healthcare administration degree include nursing homes, government agencies, and public health outreach programs. If you have experience in the medical industry, you may use a healthcare administration degree to move up within your specialty.

Expansion in this industry is fairly close to what is happening across the country, and medical management jobs may increase by 11% through 2028 (O*Net, 2018). Medical managers report a median salary of $100,610 per year in Wisconsin (O*Net, 2018).

2020 Medical and Health Services Manager Estimated Job Openings

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If you are ready to take on a leadership role and direct the future of Wisconsin healthcare, take the first step now and request information from Wisconsin healthcare administration programs below.

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