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Indiana Health Administration Degree Programs

In recent years, the Indiana health care industry has gone through several large scale changes. Healthcare institutions in Indiana, from nursing homes to clinics and hospitals, rely on their administrators and managers to minimize costs while improving patient care. If you’re ready to help Indiana’s healthcare industry change and grow, look into a health administration degree.

If you are ready to learn more about earning a healthcare administration degree, take some time to review the schools on this page. We have listed all of the healthcare administration programs, from Healthcare IT to Public Health and MBA programs in Indiana, on our site. Request information from the healthcare admin programs that interest you so you can begin your research on what school might be best for you.

One of the most popular reasons to get involved in this field is the rapid job growth. According to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, medical services managers rank of among the top-15 hottest most in-demand careers in the state. Medical and health services managers currently number 8,390 in Indiana.

Healthcare is a significant area of spending for Indiana. Indiana citizens spend more than the average citizen on healthcare expenses. By properly managing a healthcare facility in this state, you can help people get as much as possible from their healthcare. By learning about business finance and tackling cost cutting measures, you may even be able to save Indiana residents some money. One way to enter this field is by enrolling in one of the health admin or MBA programs in Indiana, which can prepare you for this challenging role.

Because of several factors, more federal and state money is being spent on healthcare than in the past. As a healthcare administrator, you can ensure that this money is used correctly and utilize it to help as many people as possible. The state is trying to find the best way to use state and federal money to provide health insurance to the maximum amount of people.

Healthcare Administration Education in Indiana

Being a health care administrator means taking responsibility for many different aspects of an organization’s management and procedures, which is why getting the proper education is so important. Depending on how much education you currently have, you may be a good fit for a bachelor’s in healthcare administration degree program or master’s degree program. This involves spending between four to six years in school.

Your curriculum may include business courses, healthcare courses, and classes that combine the two. Some of the business courses in a health administration degree include Services Marketing, Issues in Management, and Human Behavior in Organizations. You can learn basic management skills that are used in many different industries.

The healthcare aspect of your degree may require you to take classes like Healthcare Informatics, Leadership in Clinical Settings, Health Law and Ethics, and Healthcare Policy. These classes may provide you with a thorough overview of the healthcare system and how it works.

By the time you’re ready to take courses specific to healthcare management; you’ll likely be in your third year of school. Classes in this category include Organizational Issues in Healthcare, Global Health, and Marketing Strategies for Non-Profit Organizations. These courses prepare you for an internship at a local medical organization.

Looking into local medical organizations and government agencies can help you find scholarship opportunities. The Indiana Health Care Association awards a range of scholarships each school year. If you’re interested in working in a rural area after graduation, you can apply for scholarships through the Indiana Rural Health Association. The Indiana Public Health Foundation supports students that want to make a difference in public health. You can also check with the MGMA Midwest Section Scholarships, Frank O’Bannon Grants and Hoosier Scholar Awards.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers in Indiana

Healthcare institutions in Indiana are responsible for the medical needs of millions of citizens, including those who live in busy urban areas like Indianapolis and those who are only served by small rural facilities. Because of this, it is clear that strong management is the key to healthcare success in Indiana. If you pursue a healthcare administration degree, you may learn skills that are applicable to jobs at clinics, healthcare agencies, and insurance companies.

If you decide to start your career in Indiana, you may be rewarded with a strong job outlook. Between 2018 and 2028 the demand for medical managers is projected to increase by 17%. Medical managers in Indiana bring in a median salary of $92,220 per year.

Find out how a healthcare administration degree can help you reach your goals by requesting information from healthcare administration schools in Indiana today.


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Find out how a healthcare administration degree can help you reach your goals by requesting information from healthcare administration schools in Indiana today.

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