Outpatient Care Facility Coordinator Careers

As an outpatient care facility coordinator, you're the link between patients and their health care team and your job is to ensure that patients' needs are being met. Responsibilities can range from scheduling appointments with doctors and specialists to checking that prescriptions are filled and picked up to doing follow-up calls with patients. Basically, you help a patient navigate his or her way through the health care system.

Outpatient Care Facility Coordinator Job Description

To be an effective outpatient care facility coordinator you must have strong people skills as you will be the first line of contact for patients. In addition, since you will most likely be responsible for a team of outpatient care workers, you must be experienced at staff management and scheduling. To reinforce the high standards placed on outpatient care, you are also responsible for ensuring that staff are trained and up-to-date on the latest care protocols.

Outpatient Care Facility Coordinator Requirements

At a bare minimum, you will need a high school diploma and a college-level certificate in a health care related field. To advance in this career, though, it definitely helps to have experience as an outpatient care worker--often this experience involves working as a nurse or physician's assistant - and complementing this on-the-job training with education in management and administration. Because the role of an outpatient care facility coordinator is so varied, it really does help to have a wide range of skills.

Outpatient Care Facility Coordinator Career Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for a Health Services Manager, a category that includes Outpatient Care Facility Coordinator at the management level, is $90,940 annually (2013). Compensation is highly dependent on your level of education and years of experience, and an entry level position in Outpatient Care Coordination can be entered into with only an Associate's degree, but results in an average median salary closer to $34,750, which is the average for non-management level positions in this industry.

The definition of an outpatient care facilitator coordinator is rather broad and as such, the career opportunities can range from working in a front-line role in which you interact with patients and physicians to one in which you are primarily managing team members and making sure that schedules, training, and patient needs are taken care of.

Outpatient Care Facility Coordinator Trends

As more and more private health care facilities open in North America, the role of the outpatient care facilitator coordinator keeps expanding. What started as a pretty defined role communicating between patients and physicians has now grown to include working in sales for pharmaceutical and medical companies, helping to manage specialty departments like oncology, and more.

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