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Maine Health Administration Degree Programs

Considering the effects of health care reforms, Maine, like many other states, is likely to see an more demand for health administration professionals, as more Americans gain access to health care.

If you are considering a career as a medical and health services manager, earning a health care administration degree is a great way to get your foot in the door. Whether you are looking to attend college for the first time, or if you are looking to earn a Master’s degree in Health Administration, you can find programs here. Simply request information from the schools below to learn more.

Healthcare Administration Education in Maine

You will have to complete an approved bachelor’s degree and licensing exam if you want to work as a medical and health services manager in Maine. Some entry-level administration jobs may be more lenient with these requirements but they are the general rule for any senior health administration position. If you need financial aid to complete your health administration education, some worthwhile sources include the Maine State Grant Program, Senator George J. Mitchell Scholarships, Maine Legislative Memorial Scholarships, and Maine State Chamber of Commerce Scholarships.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers in Maine

As the largest state in New England, Maine sets the example for the healthcare industry of nearby states. This state is also home to many research institutions, hospitals, and educational institutions, all of which often utilize the services of healthcare executives. The experience you need can come from healthcare administration programs in Maine.

Currently, employment experts expect the need for healthcare managers to increase steadily in Maine. From 2018 through 2028, a 9% rise in job openings is anticipated (O*Net, 2018). Statistics show that the median salary for a medical manager in Maine is $89,830 per year (O*Net, 2018).

2020 Medical and Health Services Manager Estimated Job Openings

Data Source

Becoming a leader in Maine healthcare also means becoming a leader in all of New England. Start your journey today by contacting healthcare administration programs in Maine for more information.

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