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Montana Health Administration Degree Programs

The remote, mountainous state of Montana has many unique healthcare needs, including a sizable minority population that deserves culturally sensitive care. Whether you’re interested in working in one of the few big cities in Montana or playing a major role in one of the state’s rural areas, a health administration degree may be the first step to a rewarding career in healthcare management.

Montana has many healthcare administration schools to choose from, as well as several tribal colleges supporting the large Native American population in the state. To find the programs that interest you, have a look at the schools below. We recommend requesting information about all of the health admin programs that interest you, in order to compare detailed information.

As increasing numbers of Montanans gain health insurance on the state’s Affordable Care healthcare exchange, Big Sky Care Connect, institutions need well educated administrators who can help distribute these funds appropriately and reach as many residents as possible. In Montana, groups that have received grants to bolster healthcare delivery include Intermountain Planned Parenthood, Montana Health Network, and the Montana-Wyoming Tribal Leaders Council.

Reaching residents is a particularly important part of a health administrator’s job, especially in Montana. Montana still has a high rate of uninsured residents, despite recent surges in insurance enrollment. Getting a health administration degree can help you reach those who need reasonable health insurance.

As a healthcare manager, you may be able to take advantage of career resources throughout the state. The Montana Society of Healthcare Human Resource Administrators provides valuable networking services and benefits to its members.

Healthcare Administration Education in Montana

Montana has just a few schools offering health administration degree programs, but you may also be able to find online options to earn your healthcare administration degree. If you’re looking for a way to jump into the field of health administration, look into healthcare management degrees in Montana. A bachelor’s degree may be the first step to low-level or mid-level management positions, while high-level jobs often require master’s degrees or PhDs.

You’ll need to meet a multifaceted set of learning goals to thrive in this degree. Instructors may watch you to ensure that you develop a sense of leadership amongst peers and medical staff, particularly if you complete an internship or practicum. In addition, you might be rigorously tested on your understanding of healthcare policies, laws, and ethics. Throughout the duration of your program, you may be expected to read up on healthcare research and interpret it, since administrators need to keep their organizations on the cutting edge of medical research.

To meet these learning goals, you’ll likely tackle a rigorous curriculum. Courses that are often required of health administration students include Administration in Healthcare, Legal Issues in Healthcare, Research in Health, and Epidemiology.

As soon as you get accepted to a health administration program, you may wish to begin applying for Montana health scholarships. The Benefis Foundation awards scholarships to health students that are willing to work for Benefis after graduation. The scholarship program at Providence Montana Health Foundation is designed for employees of Providence St. Patrick Hospital. Another local scholarship resource is the St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation, an organization that funds five different scholarships for healthcare employees.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers in Montana

Montana residents deserve access to high-quality medical care, whether they live in one of the state’s many remote communities or close to a more densely populated urban area. Ensuring that people have access to the services they need is one of the many challenges of Montana healthcare. Becoming a healthcare executive puts you in a position to change this and make sure that Montana facilities are reaching the residents they need to serve. A degree in healthcare administration can be used in community clinics, government agencies, hospitals, and other medical settings.

It is clear that Montana is in need of strong management. A projected 16% increase in job openings is forecast between 2018 and 2028. Salaries tend to be fairly high in this field; the median income for a Montana health services manager is $90,370.

Are you ready to improve the state of healthcare in Montana? Make your move today and reach out to healthcare administration programs in Montana.


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Are you ready to improve the state of healthcare in Montana? Make your move today and reach out to healthcare administration programs in Montana.

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