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Delaware’s healthcare sector is growing so fast that in 2018 the governor signed an executive order designed to slow it down. It set an initial goal of a 3.8 percent cap on the annual growth of per-capita healthcare spending, however 2019’s growth came in at more than double that.

When coupled with recent healthcare reform expansions, the job climate is looking promising in this sector. Whether you choose to live in Dover, Wilmington or any of the state’s many smaller cities and towns, Delaware is a great place to be if you are interested in the medical and health services management and administration field.

If you have a mind for business and you want to play a major role in a local healthcare facility, becoming a healthcare administrator may be a smart career move for you. Healthcare administrators may manage departments or entire institutions. With recent changes in healthcare legislation, healthcare managers are in high demand in Delaware.

Healthcare Administration Education in Delaware

If you’re considering an entry-level career in healthcare administration, you may be interested in a bachelor’s degree. Most medical and health services managers as well as administrators possess a bachelor’s degree at minimum, although many employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree, especially for senior-level positions. A four-year bachelor’s in health admin degree covers management skills, training in the healthcare field, and marketing. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you may choose to earn a two-year master’s degree, which may include more in-depth courses.

As a bachelor’s-level student, you will likely take courses in several different areas of healthcare administration. Core courses include Health Personnel Management, Management and Information Systems, Quality Improvement in Health Services, and Marketing in Health Services.

Many healthcare administration degree programs in Delaware give you the chance to specialize in a specific part of healthcare management. You may specialize in global health issues, technology in healthcare, managing medical practices, and operations management. To succeed in healthcare management, you’ll need to meet learning goals laid out by your instructors.

Upon graduation, you should be able to effectively manage and evaluate staff, assess the needs of each department in an institution, and communicate with a variety of people to meet organizational goals. Business finance is an essential part of this career; you must demonstrate the ability to budget for different projects and departments.

You may begin to apply for scholarships as soon as you get accepted to a healthcare administration degree program in Delaware. Scholarships may be offered by health employers, government agencies, or private education organizations. Nemours awards the Undergraduate Research Scholarship, which allows undergraduates to get experience at the Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children or the Nemours Office of Health Equities and Inclusion. As a healthcare management student, you may qualify for management scholarships like the HR Student Scholarship. This scholarship is worth $2,500.

You may also find financial aid resources like the Mark B. Holzman Scholarship, the Charles L. Hebner Memorial Scholarship and the Caron’s Scholar Fund. Many of the state-specific scholarships in Delaware are merit-based.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers in Delaware

According to the State of Delaware Office of Labor Market Information, medical services managers are needed throughout the state. They note that the salary potential is high for medical managers and that there are usually a good number of jobs available in Delaware.

There have been changes in federal healthcare funding over the last few years, and healthcare employers need administrators that are educated in finance, employee management, and community outreach. Delaware.gov reports that the federal government recently allotted funds to Delaware clinics. Knowing how to properly use and distribute funds like this can make you a valuable asset to a healthcare management team.

Changes in Delaware’s healthcare industry haven’t stopped yet. With the rollout of Choose Health Delaware, the state’s healthcare exchange market, residents can now shop for a healthcare plan online and conveniently sign up.

As the role of healthcare evolves in response to federal and statewide legislative changes, it is important for healthcare facilities to keep up and stay in compliance with the law. Becoming a healthcare executive means working with the healthcare facilities of Delaware to help them become more profitable and reach more patients.

Job growth statistics for Delaware are very promising, with an expected 18.5% increase in demand for medical managers between 2018 and 2028. Healthcare managers in Delaware claim a median income of $111,930 per year, over $7,000 above the national median.

Your background in the healthcare industry makes you a great asset to this field. Put it to use with an advanced healthcare administration degree. Contact healthcare administration schools in Delaware for more information.


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2020 Medical and Health Services Manager Estimated Job Openings

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Your background in the healthcare industry makes you a great asset to this field. Put it to use with an advanced healthcare administration degree. Contact healthcare administration schools in Delaware for more information.

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