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Rhode Island Health Administration Degree Programs

Rhode Island, known for being the smallest state in the country, still has significant healthcare needs for its population that must be met. There are over one million people living in Rhode Island. This means that health institutions must be able to deliver prompt, efficient medical care to prevent long waits. If you want to play a role in health management in Rhode Island, consider a health administration degree and all the benefits it offers.

Rhode Island health care is a growing industry, due in part to the state’s large elderly population. The state is also close to many of the Northeast’s larger metropolitan areas, giving residents many options when it comes to job hunting, education, and recreation.

If you want to help design and guide RI healthcare delivery, earning your degree from one of the healthcare administration schools is a great way to start. Choose the programs you are interested in below, and request information from all of the RI schools that offer healthcare administration degrees to match your interests.

Health administrators are particularly important right now, when the state is trying to provide veterans with more affordable and accessible care. Local healthcare facilities are trying to recruit staff for VA facilities. Your management and recruitment skills can make a difference in veterans’ lives.

Healthcare Administration Education in Rhode Island

Before you can begin a career in health administration, you need plenty of experience and education in business finance, healthcare laws and ethics, staff management, and non-profit marketing. All of these topics are covered by health administration programs in Rhode Island. A Bachelor’s degree is the more common choice, but a Master’s degree is a viable option for students that already have undergraduate degrees.

In the first semester of your education, you may take courses like Healthcare Human Relations Management, Healthcare Statistics, and Healthcare Financial Management. These courses are some of the most important parts of this career, so you must begin building a knowledge base early. You may learn how to budget for different departments, apply for grants, manage staff at different levels in an organization, and integrate healthcare statistics into your organization’s policies.

Later courses enhance your ability to protect patient information, structure an organization, and market your organization to the public at large. You may also complete a practical experience course, like a practicum or internship. Practical experience can allow you to start making connections in the field and help you develop a strong management style.

After you’ve been accepted to a school, you can start applying for health administration scholarships in Rhode Island. Many scholarships close well before the start of the school year, so apply early to have the greatest selection of grants and scholarships. The Healthcare Financial Management Association awards three scholarships to healthcare management professionals in this region. The New England Chapter of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Societyawards scholarships of $5,000 to health administration students each year. Another excellent resource for Rhode Island students is the Rhode Island Foundation.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers in Rhode Island

This is an excellent state to work in if your interests lie in senior care or home healthcare. US News notes that Rhode Island has high ratings for quality of life and quality of care for its senior residents. As a health administrator in this region, you can contribute to the culture of excellence in the health industry.

One major reason to start your career in Rhode Island is the multitude of resources for healthcare professionals. Major organizations in this region include the Massachusetts-Rhode Island Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association and the Massachusetts/Rhode Island Medical Group Management Association.

For several years yet, job growth in Rhode Island is expected to be fairly similar to the national average. This works out to a 9% boost in healthcare management job openings between 2018 and 2028. The median salary in this field is $116,020 per year, which is higher than the national average.

The Rhode Island Department of Health provides many health administration jobs, as do private hospital networks throughout the state. Rhode Island is home to many prominent healthcare employers. In your post-graduation job search, you may come across major employers like LHC Group, Bayada Home Health Care, and Beacon Health Strategies.

Are you ready to contribute your skills to the healthcare field? Find out how you can by reaching out to healthcare administration programs in Rhode Island.


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Are you ready to contribute your skills to the healthcare field? Find out how you can by reaching out to healthcare administration programs in Rhode Island.

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