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Alaska Health Administration Degree Programs

Whether you’re talking about a hospital, nursing home, or medical clinic, Alaska healthcare institutions rely on strong management to ensure that patients get the treatment they deserve. This is especially true in Alaska, where the population is spread out and certain populations have little access to medical care. With a background in healthcare and the appropriate training, you could enjoy a rewarding career in health administration.

To earn your degree in healthcare administration in AK, you will want to review all of the health administration certification and degree options first. Select the schools from the list below, including those that offer online options, and request information from those you’re interested in.

As a result of recent changes in healthcare access and delivery, health care professionals are in need across the country. Alaska is slated for strong job growth in the industry, with an estimated 8 percent growth in medical and health services management positions anticipated over the next decade. The need for medical and health administrators in Alaska ranges from rural areas to the state’s larger cities, such as Anchorage and Juneau.

Earning your healthcare administration degree in Alaska can position you at the forefront of the healthcare landscape, and you can find health administration programs in Alaska from this page. Many of the featured schools offer online options for study, which may be especially helpful if you live outside of the major cities in the state.

Alaska Dispatch News reports that, as a result of healthcare legislation, neighborhood clinics have started seeing many more patients. They note that the Affordable Care Act has allowed community health clinics to continue running in spite of costs incurred by uninsured patients. As a health administrator, you could help neighborhood clinics grow even more and ensure that they reach as many patients as possible.

However, there are still areas of healthcare that legislators hope to expand. In particular, mental healthcare and addiction healthcare are limited in Alaska. If you’re interested in working in these specialties, you could bring relief to thousands of Alaskans by extending services and helping to secure funding.

Healthcare Administration Education in Alaska

The educational path you take to becoming a medical services manager depends on your current level of education. If you are looking into your first degree, consider earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration. This degree can qualify you for low-level to mid-level administrative positions. A master’s degree is an option if you already have a bachelor’s degree. With a master’s degree, you can take on high-level management positions in healthcare.

Early courses may teach you about the American healthcare system and the various roles that administrators play. Courses in this group include Overview of the U.S. Health System, Financial Management in Healthcare, and Healthcare Statistics and Research.

From there, you can start learning more about the policies and laws that affect healthcare. You may take courses like Healthcare Policy, Health Information Management, and Laws in the Field of Healthcare. These courses give you the background knowledge you need to study staff management in classes like Organizational Development and Management Skills in Healthcare.
It’s important to realize that hands-on experience will likely be a major part of your education. Schools in Alaska often require you to complete a field-based learning course and an executive residency. These experiences may take place in different institutions, allowing you to gain experience in various settings.

Studying health administration may open up many scholarships for you, particularly since healthcare is going through so many changes in Alaska. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium offers many scholarships, particularly for those that want to improve healthcare conditions for the Alaskan Native population. The Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation awards the Richard Tilden Health Education Scholarship, which is worth up to $1,000 per year.

Healthcare administration programs in Alaska are available from the Associate’s to the master’s level, and both campus and online programs can be found. Some of the different degrees available include Health Information Management, Health Services Administration and Public Health.

State-specific scholarships in Alaska include the Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, the AlaskAdvantage Education Grant Program, and the Eklutna, Inc. Scholarship and Grant program.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers in Alaska

Alaska faces a number of unique healthcare problems that require specialized knowledge and experience. With a healthcare administration degree, you may be able to use your skills in rehabilitation centers, public health programs that provide care to rural or remote populations, or research institutions at medical facilities.

As the healthcare industry of the United States undergoes one of the most massive periods of change in its history, it is clear that the need for experienced administrators may continue to climb. By 2028, O*Net predicts a 8% jump in medical management jobs throughout the state.

In this region, management professionals in healthcare tend to earn fairly competitive salaries. The average income for a health services manager in Alaska is $102,750 per year (O*Net, 2018). This is significantly higher than the national average.

2020 Medical and Health Services Manager Estimated Job Openings

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You can expand your career and strengthen Alaska’s healthcare industry by continuing your education. Contact healthcare administration programs in Alaska for more information.

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