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Hawaii Health Administration Degree Programs

Are you looking for a way to take your career in healthcare to the next level and make a significant change in the Hawaii healthcare system? Healthcare administration programs can help you take that step. Long-term care facilities, hospitals, community clinics, and other types of healthcare organizations rely on strong, experienced management to help them navigate through new legislature, changes in protocol, and staffing changes.

If you are ready to heed the call to expand your health administration education, whether it be through an Informatics, Public Health or MBA degree in Hawaii, we can help. We have compiled a list of all the healthcare schools in Hawaii below. Request information from all of the schools you see, so you can compare program details before choosing where to enroll.

Hawaii News Now notes that healthcare is the fastest growing career field in Hawaii. Seven of the state’s fastest growing jobs are in this industry, which means that you can likely apply your current work experience and education to a thriving career in health administration.

Healthcare costs are down around Hawaii, due in part to the Affordable Care Act. What does this mean for healthcare organizations? It means that they need health administrators who can effectively utilize excess funds, continue to expand the organization through this period of change, and help develop policies that are in line with new expectations.

The physician shortage, which is being felt around the country, is particularly severe in Hawaii. The Star Advertiser notes that Hawaii’s shortage is particularly severe in rural areas. Administrators may be responsible for coming up with incentive packages to attract medical professionals.

Healthcare Administration Education in Hawaii

An exciting career in health administration starts with the proper education. Like any other US state, you will likely need at least a bachelor’s degree and a sufficient score on a state licensing exam to work as a health and medical services manager in Hawaii. In Hawaii, there are many four-year institutions that provide bachelor’s-level education in health administration. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, a two-year master’s degree may open up more high-level positions to you.

Finance and budgeting are two of the main components in a health administration degree. Not only do you have to be able to create contracts with health supply companies and ensure that you are collecting from insurance companies, you must budget for staff salaries and raises. Because of the many laws in healthcare, you may take courses like Health Economics and Financing or Budgeting in a Healthcare Setting.

Staff management is a major part of this career. From medical professionals to support staff and administrative employees, you need to be able to communicate with all of your staff members and motivate them to do their best. Your curriculum will likely include courses like Executive Leadership in Health and Strategic Management in Healthcare. Many schools also offer an Administrative Residency.

You may need to take some courses that deal strictly with healthcare, rather than healthcare management. To represent your association and work alongside staff, you’ll need to develop an understanding of healthcare terms and language.

Choosing to study health administration may give you access to a wide variety of Hawaii healthcare scholarships. Many organizations are dedicated to improving the state of healthcare for residents! Alu Like, Inc. provides scholarships to students studying healthcare specialties. The Native Hawaiian Health Scholarship Program, provided by Papa Ola Lokahi, funds scholarships for native Hawaiian students. Those who work for Hawaii Pacific Health may be able to apply for scholarships.

Funding opportunities may also include the Kenneth O. Rewick Educational Aid Grants, Dolly Ching Scholarship Fund for Kauai residents, and MGMA Western Section Scholarships for students pursuing degrees related to health care management.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers in Hawaii

With its population spread amongst a chain of islands, Hawaii clearly has different healthcare needs than an urban state or one with a high population density. That’s why healthcare organizations and providers in Hawaii depend on the services of healthcare administrators and executives. The multifaceted nature of a healthcare administration degree prepares you for career options in specialty clinics, community health outreach programs, government agencies, and medical law firms.

The demand for healthcare executives is growing steadily in Hawaii, a trend which is expected to continue for several years. By 2028, the number of healthcare management jobs is expected to increase 16% (O*Net, 2018). Your salary may depend on the amount of experience and education you bring to the table, but the median in Hawaii is $118,350 per year (O*Net, 2018).

2020 Medical and Health Services Manager Estimated Job Openings

Data Source

Use our list of schools below to find healthcare administration programs in Hawaii near you.

Many prominent organizations hire healthcare managers. Local employers include Hawaii Pacific Health, Clinical Laboratories of Hawaii, and Signature Healthcare. In addition, Hawaii has lots of resources available for its healthcare managers and administrators. The Healthcare Association of Hawaii brings together professionals and managers from across the state. You may be able to learn about organizations that are hiring administration, find out about new healthcare legislature, and network with other administrators.

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