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Nebraska Health Administration Degree Programs

In Nebraska healthcare, there are many different players who make a difference in the lives of the state’s residents. But who makes everything run as one cohesive unit? Health administrators may be responsible for running individual departments or entire organizations to ensure that patients get the care they need. If you are interested in building up your management skills and serving your community in the healthcare industry, a health administration degree may be the right move for you.

If you are ready to earn your healthcare administration certification or degree, take some time to review the programs outlined below. We recommend requesting information from multiple schools so you can compare details and decide upon the best degrees in healthcare to help you meet your career goals.

This is a time of change for Nebraska healthcare! With the recent expansion of Medicare insurance requirements and costs are changing, leading to slightly higher rates for some and significantly lower rates for others. Health administrators are more important than ever, since they must lead their organizations through this change.

Nebraska is a place known for its high-quality healthcare, making it an excellent state in which to begin or expand your career as a health administrator. An American doctor who was infected Ebola made headlines all over the world, as he was transferred to a Nebraska hospital for treatment. The Healthcare Coalition for Emergency Preparedness praised the Nebraska Medical Center for their emergency response abilities.

You should be well prepared to start a career in this field after earning your health administration degree. Nebraska is home to many professional support organizations, including the Nebraska Health Information Management Associationand the Nebraska Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Healthcare Administration Education in Nebraska

There are several schools offering accredited health administration degree programs in Nebraska. Health care business training is the primary focus of most of the state’s training programs. One of the keys to success in health administration and having the confidence to take control in a healthcare setting is getting a thorough education. Your curriculum should go into many different areas, including personnel management, disease control, healthcare policy, and healthcare finance. These specialties are very diverse. Your curriculum may include courses like Management of Health Services, Healthcare Policy, Healthcare Human Resources, and Foundations of Business Financial Accounting.

Your education may take you into different settings. While plenty of your learning may occur in the classroom, it’s likely that you’ll get lots of practical experience as well. During practicum courses or an internship, you may gain experience at a local hospital, clinic, or nursing home. Practical experience can help you build connections that may help you find a job after graduation, so this part of your education is crucial.

Choosing the appropriate degree for your career goals is the first step in your education. If you do not have any healthcare experience or an undergraduate degree, consider a Bachelor’s degree. If you already have a Bachelor’s degree, a two-year Master’s degree may be the next step in your education.

An advantage of going into an in-demand career like health management is the availability of scholarships. These scholarships can help you save money or take out fewer student loans. The Nebraska Health Care Foundation awards over one dozen scholarships, including a nursing home administrator scholarship and an assisted living administrator scholarship. The Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services also awards a variety of scholarships to Nebraska healthcare students. Scholarships, tuition assistance, and development grants are available through the Methodist Health System.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers in Nebraska

In any state with a high number of rural communities, you’re going to encounter healthcare issues that require a considerable amount of expertise and ingenuity. This is true in Nebraska, which has a limited amount of urban centers but a significant population living in rural areas.

If you’re interested in combating the healthcare dilemmas in Nebraska, a healthcare administration degree may be your first step. Since this degree is so flexible, it can be used in conventional healthcare employers as well as government agencies, community outreach programs, and advocacy groups.

Nebraska, like much of the country, has a rapidly increasing demand for health services managers. This is projected to amount to a 15% jump in jobs between 2018 and 2028. The average income for a Nebraska medical manager is currently $124,080.

The face of healthcare is changing. Help Nebraska facilities evolve—it all starts at healthcare administration programs in Nebraska.


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2020 Medical and Health Services Manager Estimated Job Openings

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The face of healthcare is changing. Help Nebraska facilities evolve—it all starts at healthcare administration programs in Nebraska.

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