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New Mexico Health Administration Degree Programs

New Mexico, with its diverse population and wide range of healthcare needs, is a state that may provide many opportunities if you want to play a prominent role in the healthcare industry. In particular, having prior healthcare administration or management experience can pave the way for a career in health administration. If you’re ready to use your financial, management, and marketing skills to run a healthcare institution, earning a healthcare administration degree may be a great way to get your feet in the door.

We have taken the time to organize a listing of all the healthcare administration programs in New Mexico, including those that are specialized such as HIT and MBA programs both online and on campus. Take some time and choose the schools that offer the healthcare administration degree programs you want to learn more about and submit a request for information to begin.

Due to recent changes in New Mexico healthcare legislature, a good deal of money is being allotted to New Mexico healthcare organizations. These events call for the expertise of a health administrator who can appropriately budget for and utilize windfalls. The New Mexico health insurance exchange, beWellnm, is scheduled to begin transitioning to a state-based program in 2022, with open enrollment beginning in late 2021.

Furthermore, pursuing a career in this field may put you in the position to benefit people’s lives across New Mexico. One New Mexico organization has been helping low-income families with medical bills for very ill children. Working for a healthcare non-profit in an administrative role can place you in a position to help create a significant impact in your community.

Finally, as a health manager, you can help institutions adjust to increasing patient volume while simultaneous trying to meet budgets and contain costs. The amount of New Mexico residents with health insurance has increased significantly, leading to the need for more healthcare professionals. Your management skills may permit you to hire and train staff as needed, appropriate resources, and manage customer satisfaction. If you want to have a positive impact within healthcare, New Mexico can provide you with the education you need to earn your healthcare admin degree and make a difference.

Healthcare Administration Education in New Mexico

The most important aspect of your new career may well be the education you get. While work experience in the field of healthcare is valuable, you must have the appropriate education for the various aspects of medical management. To develop the necessary skill set, you need at least a bachelor’s degree. Some students choose to continue their education with a master’s degree.

Both of these degrees are available, in a variety of specialties. New Mexico’s health care administration programs are mostly located in Albuquerque. Health information technology is a particular focus of the state’s programs, following the ever-advancing role of technology within healthcare.

A significant portion of your curriculum will likely be comprised of communication courses. As a manager, you may spend your days communicating with staff, stockholders, donors, patients, and the media. It’s important to learn how to get your message across in a concise, respectful, and accurate manner. You may take classes such as:

  • Intercultural Communication and Leadership
  • Staff Management in Healthcare
  • Leadership & Communication Skills

To thrive in this environment, you will also need to have a thorough comprehension of healthcare, healthcare law, ethics, and policies in New Mexico. That’s why you’ll be required to take courses like Ethics in Healthcare Organizations, Regulation and Legislation of Healthcare, and Understanding the Medical Supply Chain.

Your understanding and abilities may be tested in several different ways during your time in a healthcare admin program. In addition to completing a practical internship or externship, you may have to come up with a business plan or write a capstone paper, demonstrating your overall knowledge.

In New Mexico, scholarships are often provided by hospitals, other healthcare employers, community organizations, and non-profit organizations. Apply early and often to get as much money as possible for school. Artesia General Hospitalawards scholarship to healthcare students in many different fields. Memorial Medical Center is another great source of scholarships, particularly if you pursue a healthcare career while finishing your education. Another New Mexico hospital with scholarship offerings is Gila Regional Medical Center.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers in New Mexico

New Mexico is home to a huge variety of healthcare facilities, from medical research firms and community health centers to private practice clinics and veterans’ hospitals. In all of these settings, management staff meet the many needs of New Mexico. This involves a significant part of the population that needs the assistance of translators, a high poverty rate, and the prevalence of rural communities. With a degree in healthcare administration, you can get established in this field and make a difference.

Predicted job growth in the medical management field of New Mexico is in line with the national average, with the state expected to see a 15% increase in job openings between 2018 and 2028. Currently, the average healthcare manager in New Mexico earns $108,870 per year.

Take your healthcare career to the next level and inspire change in this industry. Get started at healthcare administration programs in New Mexico.


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Take your healthcare career to the next level and inspire change in this industry. Get started at healthcare administration programs in New Mexico.

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