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How Much Does a Health Administrator Make?

How Are Salaries for Healthcare Administrators Changing?

A healthcare administrators, also known as healthcare managers, and are in charge of managing the operations of a medical facility or a department within a healthcare facility. Healthcare administrator positions can be found in rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities, medical clinics and hospitals, or within any medical office or organization.

Healthcare administrators have a good deal of responsibility in managing a healthcare facility and may fulfill the following roles:

• Focusing on the organizational tasks of ordering supplies
• Creating and tracking budgets
• Hiring medical, ancillary and clerical staff
• Meeting with board members to create and enforce policy and fundraising
• Managing positive community relations
• Ensuring the facility meets state and federal standards

All of these job duties of healthcare administrators focus on the needs of patients and aim to provide the best healthcare possible. A healthcare administrator’s job is also very important, as this high level role that focuses on the operations of the medical facility allows doctors and nurses to concentrate on treating patients.

Healthcare administrators ensure their facility operates with the latest technology and that medical staff are up-to-date on training and the newest care procedures and techniques available. Staying up-to-date on the latest medical research requires that a healthcare administrator stay up-to-date in the medical areas of care that the facility provides. This may require travel, attendance at conferences and maintaining professional contacts within the medical field.

Not only must a healthcare administrator keep technology and practices current in the medical departments, but this also applies to the administrative staff procedures such as billing and coding professionals and the IT infrastructure of the facility.

Department specific health administrators and managers ensure that the department they manage is proficient in current trends, with facility procedures and may help with hiring staff for the department which they supervise.

To obtain an entry level position as a health care administrator, at least a bachelor’s degree is needed. Bachelor level heath care administrators are more often found to be supervising a department or smaller facility. If you are interested in managing a large facility like a hospital or health system, you will need a Masters in Health Admin along with substantial experience.

Of course, like any job, salaries may increase depending on location, the type of facility a healthcare administrator is managing, as well as experience and level of education. Healthcare administrators working in 2017 had an average mean salary of $98,350 per year and $47.29 per hour (BLS, 2017).

Like other medical field careers, employment for healthcare administrators or managers as of 2017 was expected to grow 20% (BLS, 2017), creating lots of opportunity and stability in the field.

When it comes to staying informed about the best healthcare administration opportunities for 2017, your best bet is to get educated to prepare. You can expand your education or enter the field by earning your Masters in Healthcare Admin and start to work toward these salary expectations. The first step is to find the best health admin schools in your area.


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