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Benefits of a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration

It takes a lot of work, dedication and commitment to excel in the field of Healthcare Administration, so when considering whether to advance your career and obtain a Masters in Healthcare Administration (MHA), here are some facts to help make your decision an educated one.

1. Salary Increase: BLS.gov reported the median pay in 2015 for Medical and Health Services Managers was $94,500, with a projected increase of $56,300 over the next eight years. An advanced degree in Healthcare Administration may help cement your potential earning trajectory.

2. Employment Projection: BLS.gov also reported a 17% jump in employment from 2014 to 2024, citing an average jump of 7%, making the profession of Healthcare Administration a steadily growing and secure field to not only pursue, but to grow and thrive in.

3. More Choice: An MHC provides the opportunity to obtain more education and training, with both leading to better qualifications. This leads to a greater number of jobs for you to choose from, especially with so many applicants in the job pool. Obtaining your MHC may increase your chances to stand out and grab those higher paying positions.

4. Benefits: With higher-paying positions come more rewarding benefits. Whether you’re responsible for just yourself or you’ve got a family who depends on you, an advanced degree can help secure a position which offers a benefits package that provides both the medical care and time together that you and your loved ones deserve.

5. Location, Location, Location: monster.com (http://allhealthcare.monster.com/careers/articles/1793) reported the 10 Best States for health administrators to work; applying to these higher-paying jobs with an MHC could increase your chances of getting the exact location you want at the highest rate out there:

  • 1. California (starting $70.01/hour)
  • 2. Connecticut ((starting $70.01/hour)
  • 3. Florida (starting $70.01/hour)
  • 4. Massachusetts (starting $70.01/hour)
  • 5. New Jersey (starting $70.01/hour)
  • 6. New York (starting $70.01/hour)
  • 7. Rhode Island (starting $70.01/hour)
  • 8. Washington (starting $70.01/hour)
  • 9. Oregon (starting $68.34/hour)
  • 10. Vermont (starting $66.91/hour)

6. The Opportunity to Lead: The role of a Heath Administrator is that of leadership. You will play an integral and very necessary role in directing not only the operations of hospitals, doctor’s offices, nursing homes, home health care services or outpatient care centers you choose to work with, but in setting a positive example and maintaining the integrity of these institutions. In this way, you become the hub of the health care system, and an advanced degree can help best prepare you to fulfill that very vital role.

7. The Ability to Make a Difference: By setting the bar high for systematic standards and company-wide integrity, you create the possibilities needed to make an incredibly life-changing difference in the lives of patients and their families. Obtaining your MHC can give you the knowledge, credentials and greater opportunity to step into a higher level of responsibility to make a meaningful impact in health, both personally and professionally, and on a wider scale.

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