Careers in Healthcare Management Interviews & Discussions

In this hour and a half long video you will get a perspective on how important Health Care Management is to the United States and how getting a degree in this field can change many lives. This discussion and interview session put on by Quinnipiac University has three nationally acclaimed Health Care Executives detailing the future of the health care field and how management and players in all of their different roles may change.

Healthcare Management CEO Interview

The following speakers you'll get to hear from are:

  • Commisioner, J. Robert Galvin, MD, MPH, MBA, CT Department of Public Health
  • James Cullen, Gaylord Hospital, President & CEO
  • Nancy Rosenthal, Senior VP, Health Systems Development Greenwich Hospital and Vice President, Yale New Haven Health System

"Careers in Health Care Management: Perspectives from the Field"

On November 4, 2010, three top health care executives discussed "Careers in Health Care Management: Perspectives from the Field."

The panel consisted of:

  • Dr. J. Robert Galvin, commissioner of the state Department of Health
  • James Cullen, president and chief executive officer of Gaylord Hospital
  • Nancy Rosenthal, senior vice president for health systems development at Greenwich Hospital

The presentation was moderated by Angela Mattie, associate professor of management in the School of Business.