Health Care Administration Scholarship In Honor Of Cathy L. Brock

Cathy L Brock Scholarship

The Cathy L. Brock Health Care Scholarship is a health care administration scholarship made available to one recipient each year. The scholarship is worth $1,000, and it is offered by the Institute for Diversity in Health Management, an organization affiliated with the American Hospital Association. The application deadline is January 31.

About Cathy L. Brock

This scholarship honors the former Director of Operations of the American Hospital Association’s Health Research and Educational Trust. Brock was committed to increasing ethnic and racial minorities in health care administration. In addition to her role of Director of Operations for HRET, she also worked as the Institute for Diversity in Health Management as the Director of Finance from its creation in 1994. In working at HRET, she gave leadership and direction to the Institute as it grew. She was enthusiastically involved in this effort, and it showed in how she approached it in her work.

Eligibility Criteria:

This health care management scholarship is open to first and second year graduate students in this field. Applicants must:

  • Be pursuing a degree in health care management or a comparable program like BSN, MSN, MPA, MPH, MHA, or MBA.
  • Demonstrate financial need.
  • Demonstrate dedication to community service.
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Be a US citizen

How to Apply:

The scholarship application is available on the Institute for Diversity in Health Management’s website. It contains detailed instructions and a checklist for applying. A recent resume that includes community involvement, transcripts from all colleges attended, a federal student aid report and award letter (if available), a letter of acceptance or other proof of enrollment, and two essays (of no more than 500 words each) are required to be included in with the scholarship application.

One 2013 scholarship essay required students to write a personal statement that described any personal financial difficulties they faced, their interest in health care management and career goals. The personal statement also had to include a statement about which scholarship students were applying for as well as reasons why the scholarship committee should select them a recipient. The other essay required students to address what they thought would be the largest problem the American hospital and health care system would face in the future. In subsequent scholarship years, students can likely expect similar essay requirements, although the questions themselves will probably differ from those of previous years.

In addition, applicants must send two letters of recommendation from college professors, either current or from the students’ recent past. Proof of US citizenship must also be sent, which may include a copy of a student’s passport, birth certificate or green card, but not a social security card or driver’s license. Copies of the student’s tax return(s) must also be sent with other application materials.

Applicants must make an additional copy of their application materials and include it with their originals. The Institute will not consider application packets that do not include another copy of all documentation.

Applicants should mail their application packets to:

Institute for Diversity in Health Management

Attn: Chris O. Biddle, Education Specialist

155 N. Wacker Avenue, Ste. 400

Chicago, IL 60606

Tel: (312) 422-2630| Fax: (312) 278-0893

Emailed or faxed materials are not acceptable. The scholarship application includes a checklist to help applicants ensure they are sending complete application packets. Incomplete applications will not be considered. For more information visit the scholarship page.