Healthcare Administration Elliot C. Roberts Scholarship

Elliot Roberts Health Care Scholarship

The Elliot C. Roberts scholarship was established by the Institute for Diversity to recognize and support graduate students of ethnically and culturally diverse backgrounds who are pursuing degrees in health care administration or health care management. This scholarship is awarded annually to a single exemplary student.

The actual name of this scholarship is: Elliot C. Roberts Health Care Scholarship

The Elliot C. Roberts Health Care Scholarship is intended for first and second year graduate students intending to pursue careers in health care administration or health care management. It is designed to attract minority students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The scholarship amount is $1000 awarded annually.

The scholarship was named for Elliot C. Roberts who has been a leading hospital administrator for over 30 years. Roberts holds a MBA/HA degree from George Washington University and has taught as a professor at Louisiana State University Medical School and Xavier University College of Pharmacy in addition to serving as an executive at a number of hospitals including Harlem Hospital, Mercy Douglass Hospital in Philadelphia and Provident Hospital in Baltimore.

Elliot Roberts is an African American hospital administrator who overcame discrimination to become one of the first black hospital administrators working in traditionally white hospitals during desegregation. Roberts is known both for his excellent work in hospital management and his dedication to mentoring young and aspiring hospital administrators. Although officially retired from both LSU and Xavier Universities, he continues to teach and remains active in the fields of health care administration and health policy.

Eligibility Requirements for an Elliot C. Roberts Health Care Scholarship

Successful Applicants for an Elliot C. Roberts Scholarship will meet the following criteria:

  • Student must be in the first or second year of graduate school and pursuing a degree in healthcare administration or comparable degree program (MBA, MPH, MHA, MSN or BSN)
  • Student must demonstrate financial need
  • Student must have a demonstrable commitment to community service
  • Student must be academically successful with a minimum 3.0 grade point average
  • Student must be able to prove US Citizenship

Application Instructions

Successful applicants will send the following information in a single completed packet. Incomplete packets will be rejected immediately and the Institute for Diversity will not provide notification to applicants whose packets are incomplete.

The completed packet must include:

  • A completed scholarship application with the two required student essays attached
  • A current resume complete with volunteer work and community activities
  • Complete college transcripts from all schools attended including undergraduate institutions. Unofficial transcripts downloaded from college websites are acceptable.
  • Federal Student Aid Report with Award Letter if available
  • Written proof of enrollment from an accredited college or university or an official letter of acceptance into an approved program
  • Two letters of recommendation written by a current or recent college professor
  • Proof of current US Citizenship such as a copy of passport, green card or birth certificate. A Social Security Card or Driver’s License are not acceptable as proofs of US citizenship.
  • A copy of the student's most recent state and federal income tax filings

Completed packets must be sent to:

Institute for Diversity in Health Management Atten: Chris O. Biddle, Education Specialist 155 N. Wacker Avenue, Ste. 400 Chicago, IL 60606 Tel: (312) 422 – 2630

Applications can be downloaded here and will be due in January each year.

For more information feel free to visit the scholarship page and get any other details you may need.