Healthcare Management Corris Boyd Scholarship

Many healthcare professionals, including nurses and clinic managers, have designs on entering healthcare management careers. These careers combine the responsibility of an executive position with the technical expertise and patient care of a clinic-level medical position. However, despite the huge number of job openings in healthcare management, there are a number of educational requirements that must be met in order to secure one of these lucrative and rewarding jobs. A degree in healthcare management is a necessity for moving into the upper-echelons of hospital management, yet these degrees can be pricey. Luckily, scholarship programs exist that can aid aspiring students, including the prestigious Corris Boyd Scholarship offered by HCA.

History and Sponsorship

Corris Boyd Scholarship

HCA is an enormous hospital management company with more than 250 hospitals and surgical centers throughout the United States. HCA healthcare is committed to increasing the quality of care in the United States healthcare system, and one part of that commitment is their sponsorship of various scholarships and endowments. The Corris Boyd scholarship is named after the recently deceased Corris Boyd, a community leader and healthcare executive that worked for HealthTrust Purchasing Groups as a top level executive. The scholarship attempts to rewards students who exemplify the commitment to social medicine and minority advancement that Corris Boyd championed during his life.

Requirements and Application Information

The Corris Boyd scholarship is open to any minority student who has maintained a 3.0 in their undergraduate classes and is attempting to receive a masters degree in an AUPHA program. Students that are interested in the scholarship should first apply for their degree program, after which they may submit a list of their classes, their transcript, a resume, a personal statement, and three letters of recommendation to the selection committee.

Selection Criteria

Like most prestigious scholarships, the Corris Boyd scholarship is highly competitive. The selection committee reviews all applications and looks for the following:

  • Demonstrated leadership in the community, including community service and participation in professional organizations
  • Academic achievements such as membership in an honor society or participation in a thesis program
  • Intentions on entering healthcare management as a permanent career
  • Financial Need is considered if all other criteria are equal between applicants

The Scholarship Award

The Corris Boyd Scholarship is extremely valuable, consisting of $40,000 toward tuition and expenses. While the scholarship is disbursed directly to the graduate school of the winning student, this size of a reward is definitely appreciated by students who are increasingly squeezed by high tuition prices. According to the AUPHA, the Corris Boyd scholarship is paid in four installments, with equal payments in each of the four semesters of the graduate program. The scholarship committee reserves the right to stop payment of the scholarship if students fail to maintain a 3.0 GPA, so it is important that students continue to study hard after being admitted to the program. Apply to the Corris Boyd Scholarship