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What do Healthcare Administrators do

Even when people think they’re interested in working in the administration side of the healthcare business most of the questions revolve around understanding What Healthcare Administrators Do. This includes the job duties, descriptions and requirements vary a lot due to the different circumstances & organizations that these type of health care admins can get their job in.

To give you a good idea of what the daily duties of a healthcare administrator are we did what is probably the best and most up to date way to get them. We have scoured thousands of job listings that are hiring healthcare administrators and put the most common things that are listed as requirements and needs for the job position. This will give you the most well rounded view of what you could expect if you were to get involved in a healthcare administrator career.

If you’re interested in which degrees & certifications you will need to move forward in this health care career just check out a degree & schools pages.

Experienced Health Administrator Wanted

Most health care admins will be required to have some type of previous experience in health care facilities that are either similar in size or even larger than the one they’re applying for. In addition to experience to land a job someone will probably need to have hands on experience as a nurse / CNA when getting a degree in this field.

Health care Administrators are expected to able to do a lot of things and juggle a lot of responsibilities on their plate. Depending on the size of healthcare facility you might work less or more in some of the categories mentioned below. For instance, if your healthcare admin position is more in Home Health or a Senior Living Facility you might need to be more familiar with Medicare & other government health care laws & programs. Keeping up to date and well educated on programs & changes in the law are also important. You will need to be able to maintain a working knowledge of and confirm compliance with all governmental regulations in relation to health care facilities.

Government Programs / Laws & Regulations

In addition to government healthcare programs, regulations & changing laws and rules many other type of regulations & rules are typically required for a healthcare administrator to be knowledgeable about. A healthcare admin should be able to ensure that corrective action is administered fairly in a healthcare facility and without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, marital status, amnesty, or veteran status in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws.

Knowing these laws and how procedures should be followed are important to the stability of the health care organization to prevent lawsuits, PR nightmares and low morale. The HR knowledge is something that administrators often deal with on a day to day basis to keep the facility running effectively. You will need to be able to Monitor Human Resource practices to verify compliance with employment laws and company policies, and to confirm practices that maintain high morale and staff retention to include effective communication, prompt problem resolution to situations that arise, proactive supervisory practices and maintaining a proactive work environment for staff and patient wellness.

Budgets & Financial Planning

A sound education and experience in budget processes is incredibly important as these business goals and tasks come up a lot in job skills for what healthcare administrators are expected to do. Some important ways you can expect to be involved on a day to day basis in financial matters are things like managing facility budgets and business practices to include labor costs, payables and receivables. A healthcare admin also does development and implementation of marketing strategies for the facility that reflects service opportunities, competition, potential market area changes, and which maximizes census, payer mix and ancillary revenues. Communication to department managers is also important making sure budget guidelines are followed and understood.


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