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Health Administration Associate Degrees in Washington DC

Health administration is a major industry in every part of the United States, but it's even more important in Washington DC. New legislation is often implemented in Washington DC before it is rolled out across the country, and healthcare managers must be ready to adapt quickly and effectively to changes in local and federal laws.

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Requirements for Health Administration Programs in Washington DC

To graduate with an Associate's in healthcare administration in Washington DC, you need to meet specific credit requirements. A school requires, at minimum, 60 credits. However, some schools in this area do require more credits. As a traditional full-time student, you may complete your education in two years.

If you earn an online Associate's in healthcare administration, you may complete your training in as little as 18 months, since many online programs have accelerated class options. While earning your degree, you may take courses like those listed below.

Courses Offered in DC Healthcare Admin Programs

  • Health Informatics
  • Health Records
  • Analyzing Healthcare Processes
  • Healthcare Management
  • Legal Aspects of Healthcare

Once you graduate with an Associate's degree, you should be well-educated in management techniques, healthcare law, customer service, and medical ethics.

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Paying for Health Admin School in Washington DC

One benefit of living in Washington DC is the wide variety of scholarships you have available to you. Federal aid is a good place to start, since it does not have to be repaid and is based on financial need. Once you have found out which grants you qualify for, you may start to apply for scholarships through your school and local employers.

Top Healthcare Administration Jobs in Washington DC

As the center of health management and administration, Washington DC has many exciting career paths for new graduates like you. The region enjoys a strong job outlook, which may continue for several years.

By 2024, demand for health information technicians is expected to swell 16% (O*Net, 2016). Between 2014 and 2024, job openings for administrative services managers may see a 6% boost (O*Net, 2016). During this time frame, O*Net anticipates a 9% increase in job openings for patient representatives (2016).

Salaries in Washington DC are significantly higher than averages across the country. Health information technicians earn an average of $69,290 annually (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016). The average income for an administrative services manager is $105,720 per year (BLS, 2016). Each year, patient representatives bring in a mean income of $43,070 (BLS, 2016).

Current Issues in Washington DC Healthcare

Since Washington DC is the main place for healthcare legislation, you may get to explore many new issues and challenges in this region. In response to issues with healthcare costs, legislators have proposed a plan that would improve transparency in pricing (The Times & Tribune, 2016). This plan involves using cost estimators to help patients prepare for expenses.

This is the time to pursue a DC Associate's in healthcare admin.

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George Washington University (Washington, DC)
Programs Offered:
Bachelor of Science in Public Health
Master of Business Administration: Health Services Administration (online)
Master of Public Health: Community Oriented Primary Care
Master of Public Health: Environmental Health Science and Policy
Master of Public Health: Epidemiology
Master of Public Health: Global Health
Master of Public Health: Global Health Epidemiology
Master of Public Health: Health Policy
Master of Public Health: Health Promotion
Master of Public Health: Maternal and Child Health
Master of Public Health: Physical Activity in Public Health
Master of Public Health: Public Health Communication and Marketing
Master of Public Health: Public Health Management
PhD in Public Health: Environmental and Occupational Health
PhD in Public Health: Global Health
PhD in Public Health: Health Behavior
PhD in Public Health: Health Policy
Georgetown University - Online (Washington, DC)
Programs Offered:
Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management and Policy
Master of Science in Health Systems Administration
Howard University (Washington, DC)
Programs Offered:
Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences: Health Management and PrePhysical Therapy Emphasis
Potomac College (Washington, DC)
Programs Offered:
Advanced Certificate in Health Systems Management

In addition to the campus based programs, there are numerous online programs available for many of the common Health Administration degree types (Associate, Bachelors, Masters) and specialties. Please feel free to use the links on the left-hand side of this page to explore some of the online degree programs available. Thanks for visiting!