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Bachelors of Health Care Admin in Alaska

You know that health care is an important part of health, happiness, and quality of life in Alaska. Maybe you have even worked in the field of healthcare as a nurse, doctor, or other medical professional. If you’re ready to learn more about working in health care management, learn more about bachelor’s degree programs in health care administration in Alaska by contacting the schools listed below.

Bachelor in Healthcare Administration Programs in Alaska

Becoming a health administration professional may allow you to solve complex health care problems that often arise in Alaska. For example, a small town in Alaska was recently left without overnight emergency services, thanks to the closing of the Canadian border. As a health professional, you may be able to contribute to solutions for these problems.

Your extensive training and education may prepare you to handle changing legislation in this state. Legislators in Alaska are attempting to expand Medicaid on a federal level, providing health care to over 40,000 additional citizens. Whether you work in health care policy making or management of a health care facility, these decisions and laws may have a significant impact on your career and how you work.

If you want to earn a bachelor’s degree in health care administration, you can plan on exploring the financial, business, patient care, and management aspects of health care administration. Earning a bachelor’s degree in this field often takes about four years.
Your curriculum depends on which school you choose to attend in Alaska. Some of the courses you may have to take include Health Services Administration, Public Health and Society, Biostatistics for Health Professionals, Principles of Epidemiology, Program Evaluation, Public Health Research Tools, and Public Health Emergencies & Disasters.

These programs often emphasize the importance of practical education. As you near graduation, you may be required to complete an internship to meet the graduation requirements of your program.

You may be able to earn money for school through scholarships and grant programs in Alaska. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Scholarship is available to Alaskan Natives. Through the Mat-Su Health Foundation, you can apply for numerous grants and scholarships.

Healthcare Administration Careers in Alaska

After completing your health care administration degree, you may be able to work in a variety of settings. Managers and administrators are often hired by government health agencies, hospitals, public health clinics, and specialty clinics.

There may be many benefits of starting your healthcare career in Alaska. The overall job outlook is extremely positive, with an expected 20 percent increase in jobs by 2022 (O*Net, 2012). In addition, salaries in Alaska tend to be higher than the national average. The average salary for a health care administrator in Alaska is $103,100 per year (O*Net, 2013). There are several networking opportunities available in Alaska, including the Medical Group Management Association of Alaska.

Get started on the next stage of your career by contacting health care administration programs in Alaska now. Once you have information to compare from different schools, you can choose the healthcare administration Bachelor’s program that will best meet your needs.

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