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Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration in Indiana

If you want to find a career in a field where there’s lots of room for growth and room to improve people’s lives, you can’t find a better industry than health care. The field of health care has undergone many changes in recent years, and many of those changes rely on strong management to see them through. Learn more about health care administration programs in Indiana to find out if they’re the right move for you.

As health care changes, so too are the options available to veterans. Many veterans in Indiana are pushing back, asking to be allowed to stay in Indiana for their health care needs. Managing in this state can put you in a position to develop solutions to these problems.

In addition, the need for effective management has never been greater in Indiana’s health care system. The statewide health insurance program has seen over 100,000 new signups in the last two months. As clinics and hospitals try to adjust to an increasing number of patients, management can ease organizations into this transition.

Another benefit of working in this field is the recognition given to successful facilities. The Indiana Hospital Association recently recognized patient safety efforts of Franciscan Healthcare Munster.

Earning Your Bachelor’s in Health Administration in Indiana

A Bachelor’s degree in health administration can give you the background and experience you need to thrive in this industry. You tackle advanced health care skills and theory at the same time as developing your business management abilities. Some of the core courses that may be part of your curriculum include Financial Decision Making and Intercultural Communication & Leadership. More specialized courses in your curriculum may include U.S. Health Care System, Long-Term Care Administration, Research Methods for Health Care Managers, Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration, Health Care Institutional Organization & Management, and Public Health Administration.

At the end of your Indiana Bachelor’s in Health Science program, you may complete an internship or externship to put all of your new knowledge to work in a clinical setting.

While earning your degree, you may wish to use scholarships and grants to make your education more affordable. The Indiana Health Care Association awards scholarships to administration students every year. Through the Indiana Association of Health Care Recruiters, you may apply for a $1,000 scholarship. If you are willing to work in a Health Professional Shortage Area after graduation, consider applying for grants through the Indiana State Department of Health.

Working with your Bachelor’s in Health Services Administration in Indiana

The Indiana Medical Group Management Association is a popular professional resource for medical managers. You may continue your education by attending seminars, meet the movers and shakers of your industry, and learn about upcoming opportunities as a member of this group.

Indiana has a growing need for those who are ready to take on management roles in health care. O*Net reports an expected 21% increase in job openings through 2022. While working in this field, you may be able to earn a fairly lucrative salary. Per O*Net, the average salary for a medical manager is $79,200 per year.

It’s time to take the next step in your health care career and make the most of your professional potential. Take the first step by reaching out to health care administration programs in Indiana.

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