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Bachelor’s in Health Care Administration in Louisiana

With health care going through some of the biggest changes it’s gone through in decades, it’s clear that the health care industry needs skilled, highly-educated professionals to maintain high standards and keep up with changing legislation. In Louisiana, where most health care centers are in rural areas, health care management is even more crucial. If you’re ready to advance your health care career, keep reading to learn more about health care administration programs in Louisiana.

As of 2021, Healthy Louisiana, the state’s Medicaid expansion program, has enrolled 639,000 low-income adults. Administrators will play a large role in implementing changes in coming years, especially those with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences in Louisiana.

Central Louisiana health care is in particular need of overhaul. Administrators are taking local residents’ feedback into account, displaying how important strong management is in this state.

Mental health care is extremely important in Louisiana. Statewide efforts to improve mental health care access have been implemented. If this is an area of particular interest to you, you may wish to take on a management role in mental health.

Earning Your Bachelor’s in Health Administration in Louisiana

Before you can start your career in health care administration, you may wish to earn a Bachelor’s degree. This degree can prepare you for a variety of entry-level health care management careers, since it gives you an overview of health care finance, policy, law, and management.

As you work toward a Bachelor’s degree in health care, you may take many rigorous courses that explore different areas of this field. Some of the courses you must take include Public Health Administration, Long-Term Care Administration, Research Methods for Health Care Managers, Legal Aspects of Health Care Administration, Information Technology for Health Care Administration, and Financial Decision Making for Managers.

To round out your education, you may complete an internship or a capstone project. This allows you to put all of your education together and show instructors, potential employers, and other students what you have learned.

Consider applying for scholarships and grants to save money on your educational costs. Healthcare Workforce Development awards scholarships and offers loan repayment options to students who work in a medical shortage area after graduation. Scholarships are also awarded through the Southwest Health Foundation. Through the Greater New Orleans Foundation, you can apply for the Jo Ellen Smith Scholarship.

Working with your Bachelor’s in Health Services Administration in Louisiana

Louisiana is one of many states with a rapidly growing need for medical managers. Job openings for medical managers are projected to increase by 8% over the decade leading up to 2022. Salaries vary widely depending on experience, but the average salary for a medical manager in Louisiana is $105,790 per year.

Louisiana has a number of professional opportunities for those who work in health care administration. To learn about the many different events hosted throughout the state, consider joining the Louisiana Medical Group Management Association.

As a health care administrator, you can have a profound effect on the health care industry of Louisiana. Take the first step today by reaching out to health care administration programs in Louisiana.


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