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As the largest state in New England, Maine has an important health care industry that often serves as a model for other New England states. Hospitals and clinics throughout the state rely on effective, highly-trained management personnel to maintain order, keep up with high standards, and uphold new health care legislation.

Whether you've worked in health care before or not, you can learn more about health care administration programs in Maine and discover what opportunities this field may have for you.

Working in medical management in Maine may mean working for nonprofits, for-profit clinics, or government agencies. The state's Medicaid system could save Maine over $26 million, thanks to incoming federal funds. Managers in this and other areas could use those funds to reach more patients.

Furthering your education in this area can give you the skills needed to solve serious health care issues in the state. For example, Maine's primary care shortage is among the worst in the nation. As a medical manager, you may be able to hire and retain primary care doctors and nurse practitioners to improve the patient experience.

Maine has many rural areas in which health care may be tricky to access. Coming up with innovative solutions can make you an in-demand health care professional. To meet care needs and expectations, five rural hospitals in Maine banded together. Earning your Bachelor's in Health Sciences in Maine can position you to lead in situations like this.

Earning Your Bachelor's in Health Administration in Maine

Bachelor's degree programs in health care administration may give you a broad overview of health care subjects before delving more deeply into various areas of study. In the early semesters of your program, you may take courses like Statistical Reasoning in Public Health, Principles of Epidemiology, Fundamentals of Health Care Accounting, Current Topics in Public Health, and Microeconomics.

As you become more experienced in health care management topics, you may take more in-depth courses like Foundations of Health Care Leadership, Marketing in Health Care Organizations, Managed Care and Health Insurance, and Health Management Information Systems. These classes may lead up to a capstone project or an internship, either of which may give you valuable experience in the world of health care administration.

Looking into financial aid opportunities can help you earn money to put toward your education. The Western Maine AHEC funds over one dozen scholarships for health care students. The Mike McNeil Scholarship Fund is another option for you to consider as you begin your education. MaineHealth awards numerous grants for health care students.

Working with your Bachelor's in Health Services Administration in Maine

Whether you're still earning your degree or getting started in your career, you may want to join the Maine Medical Group Management Association. Networking events, continuing education courses, and legislative updates are just a few of the membership benefits that this group offers.

In Maine, you may find that the job outlook is very solid. O*Net reports that job openings for health administrators may increase by 13% through 2022. The average salary for a medical manager is $80,200 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Find out how you can get started in this field today! Contact health care administration programs in Maine for more information.

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Eastern Maine Community College (Bangor, ME)
Programs Offered:
BBA - Business Management-Healthcare Secretary
Kaplan University (Augusta, ME / Lewiston, ME)
Programs Offered:
BS in Health Care Administration - Lewiston, ME
BS in Health Information Management
BS in Health and Wellness
BS in Public Administration and Policy - Advanced Start
BSHUS - Youth/Family Services and Administration
BSHUS - Youth/Family Services and Administration
Health Information Management
Saint Joseph's College of Maine (Standish, ME)
Programs Offered:
Bachelor of Science in Health Administration (online)
Bachelor of Science in Long-Term Care Administration (online)

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