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Health Care Administration Degrees in Maryland

One of the most important topics in American politics is health care. But when it comes down to it, health care isn’t about politics—it’s about patients and their needs. Maryland, a state with some of the most highly recognized health care organizations in the country, has a very successful medical industry.

If you’re ready to explore your options in this field, contact the schools below to learn more about health care administration programs in Maryland.

Health care funding is of great importance in Maryland. Legislators take actions like urging the governor to strengthen the state’s health care industry by funding it when there’s a surplus. As an administrator, you can lobby for your patients and your organization in situations like this one.

Maryland performs impressively when it comes to patient and care provider safety. This report reflects the success of Maryland’s health care administrators to maintain high safety standards.

However, there are many ways in which you can help health care organizations in Maryland improve. No Maryland hospitals received a five-star rating in terms of patient satisfaction. As an aspiring medical manager, you can keep this in mind as you start toward earning your Bachelor’s in Health Sciences degree in MD.

Getting Your Bachelor’s in Health Administration In Maryland

Health care administration is a diverse and multifaceted field that combines a knowledge of the health care industry with strong business management skills. A Bachelor’s degree, which takes about four years, includes 120 credits of health care management courses and general education classes.

To get the skills you need to thrive in a health care administration career, you may take courses like Gateway to Health Care Administration, Health Care Insurance and Reimbursement, Principles of Business Finance, Health Care Policy, Human Resource Management, and Health Law. As you complete each course that’s included in your curriculum, you should deepen your understanding of health administration and feel more prepared to take on a leadership role in your career.

Theoretical knowledge is important, but you must also be able to apply what you’ve learned. That’s why most Maryland schools require students to complete an internship or a capstone project. Both of these experiences can allow you to put your new skills to use and test your clinical leadership skills.

Upon being accepted to a health care administration program, you may be able to apply for many types of financial aid. Spend some time looking into your options each year to have as many choices as possible. The Maryland Higher Education Commission funds several government-sponsored grants. Through the HIMSS Maryland Chapter, you can apply for an annual scholarship. Several local employers, like the Western Maryland Health System, have scholarship funds set up.

Working With Your Bachelor’s In Healthcare Admin in Maryland

Medical management is a relatively stable field in Maryland. Between 2018 and 2028 job openings in this field are forecast to increase by 20 percent. This is expected to create over 1,750 new jobs per year over that decade. In general, salaries in this field are competitive. Medical managers take in an average of $132,090 per year.

Take your career to the next level with networking and professional advancement opportunities. You may wish to join a group like the Medical Group Management Association of Maryland, which provides professional support to medical managers in many different ways.

You can change the health care system for the better! Get started today by contacting health care administration programs in Maryland.


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