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Health Care Administration in Michigan

Health care is at the core of most state government’s priorities, and it’s no different in Michigan! From providers and administrators to legislators, Michigan residents may benefit from the efforts of many who work in the health care field.

If you want to have a major role in how health care organizations are run and managed, contact the schools below to learn more about health care administration programs in Michigan.

There are many aspects of the medical industry in this state, and health care cost is a big part of it. Certificate-of-need regulations are a current topic in Michigan. These restrictions keep health care affordable for health care organizations and consumers. As an administrator with your Bachelor’s in Health Sciences in Michigan, you may be in an excellent position to affect health care costs in your area.

Administrators have had quite a bit of success in Michigan, laying the groundwork for you to succeed in this field as well. Across Michigan, VA care facilities have dropped wait times, leading them to provide care to more veterans more quickly.

It’s clear that health care management can positively impact this industry.
Federal health insurance mandates have had a prominent impact on Michigan. In several counties, Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment has increased significantly in the last year. This increase has placed demands on administrators, who must figure out to serve more patients more quickly.

Earning Your Bachelor’s in Health Administration in Michigan

A Bachelor’s degree in health care administration can give you the varied, multifaceted background you need to manage a wing, department, or facility. Over the course of eight semesters, you complete at least 120 credits in general education courses and health care administration courses. This program focuses on theory and practice.

After building a strong theoretical understanding of health care management, you may apply your skills in an internship or externship. To get to this point, of course, you must complete a variety of management courses. Courses that may be part of your curriculum include Public Health Perspectives, Cultural Issues in Health Care, Health Care Risk Management, Quality Assurance Health Care, and Health Care Finance. These courses may help you manage your employer’s finances, personnel, and patient care systems.

Throughout Michigan, there are many organizations and employers that fund scholarships for health care students. MidMichigan Health awards the Bernard F. and Melissa Anne Bailey Family Fund Healthcare Scholarship. Covenant Healthcare funds a number of foundation scholarships as well.

Working With Your Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration Degree in MI

The Michigan Medical Group Management Association can be a great professional resource for you as you begin your career in medical management. Consider joining as a student to meet other managers in your area, attending continuing education programs, and learn more about industry standards.

Across Michigan, salaries for health care managers tend to be in line with national averages. The average salary for a medical manager is $108,660 per year. Job openings in this field are projected to increase by 7% between 2018 and 2028.

Health care administration is a field that’s constantly growing and adapting. Get started in this field now by contacting health care administration programs in Michigan.


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Health Administration Schools

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