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Health Care Administration Degrees in Minnesota

If you want to work in a field where you can make a difference, oversee staff, and put your leadership skills to work every day, health care administration can help you get where you want to go. Health care administrators are an extremely important part of Minnesota’s strong health care system, from clinics and hospitals to insurance companies and specialty clinics.

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Getting into health care management may allow you to become part of exciting initiatives in Minnesota. In the Twin Cities, a nurse-led clinic recently opened up, serving as both a health care provider facility and a training facility. Working as an administrator with a Bachelor’s in Health Sciences in Minnesota may expand your knowledge and your abilities.

Furthermore, your skills in health care administration may help you improve the financial standing of Minnesota health care organizations. Charity care in Minnesota has decreased significantly, but the amount of bad debt taken on by health care organizations has increased.

Getting Your Bachelor’s in Health Administration in Minnesota

To become an efficient medical manager and be qualified to lead a number of health care organizations, you have to develop skills in several different areas of health care management. A Bachelor’s degree program in this area can give you the knowledge that’s required by many employers. As you move through your courses, you may become well-versed in health care policies and politics, finance, and ethics.

The curriculum you complete depends on which school you decide to attend, but most schools have fairly similar curricula. Courses that you’ll likely take include Health Services Administration, Health Care Economics and Policy, Introduction to Health Care Quality and Safety, Health Budgeting and Financial Management, and Health Care Ethics.

Scholarships are widely available throughout Minnesota, so look into your school’s offerings, local employer-funded scholarships, and grants offered through community organizations. The Office of Rural Health and Primary Care has a large scholarship fund for those who commit to working in a rural area after graduation. Tri-County Health Care funds nearly one dozen different scholarships.

Working With A Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration in Minnesota

Minnesota has a solid career outlook for aspiring health care administrators. Between 2018 and 2028 medical management jobs are projected to increase by 17 percent. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that medical managers in this state earn an average of $111,360 per year.

You may also be able to improve health care as a whole in Minnesota. Rural health care is a major concern in Minnesota health care. If you are willing to work in a rural setting after graduation, you may have multiple employment opportunities to consider.

Networking and professional growth are important parts of this career. The Minnesota Medical Group Management Association provides support to medical managers with legislative updates, networking opportunities, and ongoing education.

Take the first step toward a rewarding career in health care management now! Contact health care administration programs in Minnesota for more information.


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