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Bachelor of Health Administration Programs in Nevada

The world of health care is one of the most diverse industries in the United States. With dozens of specialties, hundreds of job titles, and plenty of diverse work settings, this industry is always growing and changing. However, there is one constant: strong leaders and administrators are always an important part of organizational success in this field.

If you want to advance your health care career or get started in this industry, find out more about health care administration programs in Nevada. Contact the schools listed below that offer programs in health services administration in Nevada to get more information.

Though administrators are in demand throughout the country, Nevada’s need is particularly significant. Nevada’s medical industry is short of specialists and care providers in almost every field. Administration plays a major role in recruiting and keeping staff members.

When you combine this with the recent jump in the amount of Nevadans with health care insurance, it’s clear that administrators must act swiftly and aggressively to staff their facilities. Across the state, over 72,000 new patients are seeking care at local facilities.

If you want to work with Nevada’s large aging population, you may find your place in Nevada. Care shortages are very bad when it comes to specialty care for the elderly population. By getting your Bachelor’s in Health Science in Nevada, you can prepare to address these issues in healthcare facilities in your state.

Earning Your Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration in Nevada

Many organizations and government agencies in Nevada hope to make it more affordable for health care administration students to complete their education. Apply early and often to make the most of your opportunities. The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health awards scholarships to those who work in a designated shortage area after graduation. Scholarships are also funded by the Nevada Health Information Management Association. By joining the Nevada Public Health Association, you may get access to a range of scholarships and grants.

When you enroll in a Bachelor’s degree program, you’ll be required to complete 120 credits in health care administration and general education courses. These courses slowly build up your knowledge of health care and help you become an effective manager in a variety of settings. As you work toward your degree, you may take courses like Accounting Concepts for Health Care Professionals, Human Resource Management, Health Care Financing and Information, Health Care Planning and Evaluation, Community and Public Health, and Health & Human Services.

Working With Your Bachelor’s in Health Administration in Nevada

Your education is important, but networking is equally important. The Nevada Medical Group Management Association makes it easy for health care administrators to access the professional resources they need.

Overall, the job market is fairly stable in Nevada, and it shows signs of growth for several years to come. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates a 15% increase in job openings throughout the state. Salaries in this state are slightly higher than the national average. O*Net reports an average statewide salary of $97,400 per year.

With a Bachelor’s degree in this field, you could make a significant difference in the field of health care. Get started today by contacting health care administration programs in Nevada from those listed below.

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