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Health Care Administration Degrees in Ohio

States across America have their own changing and evolving health care demands, and Ohio is no different. Ohio has an eclectic mix of urban and rural areas, both of which have very different health care needs. While urban residents may face long wait times but a wide variety of choices, rural residents may not have many choices when it comes to hospitals and doctors. Who has the skills needed to solve these problems? Health care administrators do.

If you’re interested in flexing your leadership muscles in a growing field, health care administration may be right for you. Contact the Ohio schools with Bachelor’s in Health Sciences programs below for more information.

Opportunities for professionals in this field are growing all over the state. In fact, many new clinics are opening up every month. This includes urgent care clinics, traditional clinics, and hospitals.

Pediatric health care is of particular importance in this state, as face the threat of losing health insurance. By applying for grants and managing health care costs, you can help more Ohio children get the medical care they need.

Managing costs may be one of the largest goals for up-and-coming health administrators. By working on health care efficiency in your own organization, you can improve performance throughout Ohio.

Bachelor’s in Health Administration Degrees in Ohio

To earn a Bachelor’s degree in health care administration inOhio, plan on spending about four years in school earning at least 120 credits. If you have a prior degree in a health care field, you may be able to graduate more quickly than other students.

Course offerings and requirements vary between Ohio schools, but generally speaking, you must get a broad overview of all aspects of health care to work in this field. Courses that may be part of your Bachelor’s degree include Accounting for Health Care Professionals, U.S. Health Care System, Managing Health and Human Services, Community and Public Health, Continuous Quality Monitoring in Health Care, and Health Care Planning & Evaluation. Some schools offer different areas of concentration, so you may be able to choose between specialties like information systems, international management, long-term care, and health care finance.

After you get accepted to an undergraduate health management program, you can start applying for scholarships and grants in your field. The Ohio Health Care Association is an excellent resource for health care scholarships, and Adena Health System is a local employer with scholarship opportunities. The Choose Ohio First Scholarship rewards those who stay in Ohio after graduation.

As an aspiring health manager in Ohio, you may want to make the most of networking and education opportunities that come your way. You can learn about local options by joining the Ohio Medical Group Management Association, which brings together managers from all over the state.

Working With Your Bachelor’s in Health Administration in Ohio

With the variety of health care employers in Ohio, it should be no surprise that the job outlook in this state is promising. O*Net predicts an 18% increase in medical management jobs through 2022. Their estimates show that medical managers earn an average of $85,600 per year in Ohio (O*Net, 2013). Both of these statistics are in line with national averages.

Opportunities in the field of health care administration are growing, so get your foot in the door today. Contact health care administration programs in Ohio for more information.

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