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Bachelors in Health Care Administration in Tennessee

Tennessee residents deserve affordable access to great health care—recent federal legislation has made it clear that this is a priority throughout the country. However, what do organizations do to increase access to medical services? They utilize the suggestions and direction of educated management personnel. Entering the field of health services administration in Tennessee can position you to be a crucial part of these efforts.

If you’re ready to take a big step in your health care career, look into the schools that offer bachelors in health science degrees in Tennessee that are listed below. You can contact them directly from our site to learn more about details.

Bachelor of Healthcare Administration Programs in Tennessee

Education and experience are two very important parts of this field. You can get both in a bachelor’s degree program in health care administration. You should anticipate spending four years in school, as getting a bachelors in healthcare administration in Tennessee requires the completion of 120 credits.

You may start your education with theory and classroom learning and then progress to a practicum or internship, which gives you the chance to put your skills into action. Most schools that offer bachelors in health administration in Tennessee require many different courses before you can graduate. Working hard in these courses can prepare you for management in the fields of finance, personnel management, and health information.

Courses that may be part of your curriculum include Health Care Financial Management, Organizational Behavior & Leadership Theory, Health Information Management, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care, and the U.S. Health Care System. In your last semester, you may complete a residency or internship.

Tennessee has a strong health care community that supports its practitioners through grants, scholarships, and loans. Apply early and often for different opportunities to save money for school. Scholarships are funded by the Tennessee HOSA, particularly for students who are willing to stay in Tennessee after graduation. The Tennessee Rural Health Loan Forgiveness Program offers loan repayment options to students who work in a rural area.

Working as a Healthcare Administrator in Tennessee

The future may be bright for Tennessee health care administrators. Health care management jobs are forecast to increase by 20 percent over the decade leading up to 2028; higher than the nation growth rate. The average salary for a Tennessee medical manager is $104,380 per year.

There are many professional networking opportunities for Tennessee medical managers. Joining the Tennessee Medical Group Management Association can give you early access to training events and other events.

As a health care administrator, you may get the chance to use new technology and procedures in your organization. Tennessee health care providers have recently started using telemedicine to improve access to care and bring down costs for patients and providers. Navigating changes like this one requires strong leadership and management at every level of a health care organization.

Insurance has been an area of major change for Tennessee organizations, leading to requirements violations. This can be costly for health care providers and insurance companies, which can bump up consumer costs. An administrator with a strong knowledge of health laws and statutes can be worth their weight in gold.

Medical services are not as accessible as they should be in Tennessee, according to some experts. It’s up to administrators and other high-level management personnel to reach out to patients who may not get the care they should be receiving.

The field of health care is changing tremendously every year, so this could be the perfect time to expand your education in this field. Get started now by contacting schools that offer degrees in health services administration in Tennessee from those listed below.


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