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When you understand how the health care industry works, you can contribute to the industry as a leader and as a professional. Whether you've worked in this field as a medical professional or if you've just started looking for career options in health services administration in Vermont, we can help.

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Health care reform is the phrase of the decade in this industry. Earning a bachelors in healthcare administration in Vermont can give you the background you need to guide healthcare organizations through the many stages of reform. With a recently-passed health reform bill taking effect in Vermont, it’s extremely important for health organizations to have strong, well-educated leaders.

The Veterans Administration is a major part of health care in Vermont. A recent project of the Vermont Veterans’ Home improved memory care for the residents served by this home. Administrators and leaders often head up or play a major role in these projects.

Vermont’s health insurance exchange is going through a massive period of change. As legislators and administrators attempt to figure out how to best use the state’s money and get health insurance to residents, it’s important for local businesses to have skilled managers.

Curriculum of Bachelors in Health Administration in Vermont

If you’re interested in working in health services administration in Vermont, a Bachelor’s degree may get you well on your way. These programs may help you achieve a number of learning outcomes, from understanding health care services and their costs to knowing how to influence change within the health care industry. In addition, you may develop a strong knowledge of leadership principles and discover how to use them to your advantage in this work setting.

To master these outcomes and become a good leader, you may take courses in health leadership, finance, information, and management. Classes that may well be part of your curriculum include Social Implications of Medical Issues, Quality Monitoring in Health Care, Health Care Financing, Health Information Systems, Managing Health and Human Services, and Community & Public Health.

Once you have received an acceptance letter for a health administration program, you may wish to start looking into health scholarships in Vermont. Central Vermont Medical Center is one of many local employers with scholarship funds for health care students. Through the Vermont Department of Health, you can apply for Rural Health and Primary Care Program scholarships.

Careers in Health Services Administration in Vermont

You may enjoy a number of benefits as a result of working as a healthcare administrator in Vermont, including a solid job outlook and strong earning potential. O*Net reports that the average salary for a Vermont medical manager is $81,100 per year. They expect job openings for medical managers to increase by 21 percent through 2022 (O*Net, 2012).

Working in the health care field may give you access to a range of professional development opportunities. Look into joining a group like the Vermont Medical Group Management Association to build connections with local medical managers.

Are you ready to do your part to influence the world of health care? Take the first step by reaching out to health care administration programs in Vermont today.

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