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Bachelors in Health Care Administration in Virginia

No matter where you live, how old you are, or what your background is, health care is an important part of living a good life. With changing health care legislation, people all over the country are getting health insurance for the first time. It’s crucial for health organizations and facilities to be prepared for an influx of new patients.

In Virginia, a state where people have historically had little access to health care, health care administrators are responsible for making care accessible to millions of new patients. If this sounds like a challenge you’d like to take on, contact the schools that offer programs in health services administration in Virginia from those listed below for program details.

Virginia has a large population of veterans, who deserve well-coordinated and effective healthcare. A team of medical experts recently convened to figure out how to improve veterans’ care throughout the country, including in Virginia. If you are interested in working with veterans, getting your bachelors in health science in Virginia can be a great first step.

When you look at patient wait times, it becomes even more clear that veterans’ care is an area of potential growth for Virginia. Virginia has some of the longest wait times in the country for veterans. These types of systemic problems require the work of experienced managers and administrators.

Bachelor of Healthcare Administration Programs in Virginia

Education may be the key to starting a rewarding career in health care administration. With a bachelors in healthcare administration in Virginia, you can get the broad base of knowledge and the specialized experience that employers look for in job applicants.

You may take courses in several different areas while getting your bachelors in health administration in Virginia. In your curriculum, you may find classes like Health Care Informatics, Health Policy and Law, Leadership in Clinical Microsystems, Health Care Policy and Financing, Organizational Issues in Health Care, and Management of Service Operations. Throughout these courses, you can create leadership skills that may serve you well in a departmental position or an agency-wide position.

Due to Virginia’s need for skilled health care practitioners and leaders, there are many scholarship programs that are in place for health care students. The Virginia Health Care Association is a major resource for students, with multiples scholarships awarded every academic year. The Virginia Health Workforce Development Authority is a government association that funds student aid for those who want to work in health care.

Working as a Healthcare Administrator in Virginia

As you start your new career, consider using professional resources in your state. The Virginia Medical Group Management Association is a prominent organization for working medical managers. As a member, you may be able to meet those who have been successful in your field, learn through seminars and continuing education classes, and discover employment opportunities.

Anticipated job growth in Virginia is positive. Medical management jobs are projected to increase by 18 percent between 2018 and 2028. Virginia medical managers earn an average salary of $118,530.

Health care is becoming more transparent in Virginia, with a new law requiring clear hospital quality data that is accessible to patients. Now it is essential for hospitals to have achievable, practical goals and ways to achieve them. Earning your bachelor’s degree in health services administration in Virginia can prepare you to help meet these goals.

Get started in this exciting field today by contacting health care administration programs in Virginia for more information.


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