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Health Care Administration in Washington

Washington, a state with a large population and many different types of communities, has health care needs that simply are not found in other parts of the country. Whether it’s an urban hospital that needs to serve thousands of patients every day or a rural clinic that needs to be able to reach people in remote areas, the health industry of Washington can benefit from the work and knowledge of strong administrators.

If you’re ready to contribute to this field using your leadership skills, contact the schools below that offer programs in health services administration in Washington.

Saving state money continues to be a significant priority in the field of Washington health care. Whether you plan on working for a for-profit or nonprofit organization, it’s likely that part of your job may include minimizing expenses and saving money for the government.

Bachelor of Healthcare Administration Programs in Washington

Completing a bachelors in health science in Washington requires you to study in several different subject areas while building a strong base of practical work skills. If you attend school full-time, plan on completing eight semesters and earning 120 credits.

Classes that may be part of your bachelors in healthcare administration in Washington include Management of Health Care Organizations, Health and Health Systems, Health Finance, Health Economics, Private Purchasers of Health Care, and Health Care Delivery Design. In these and other courses, you can delve into topics like health care financing, legal aspects of the medical industry, strong leadership in medical settings, and health insurance.

Of course, you must be able to use these skills in a practical setting. To help you reach this goal, your school may set you up with an internship or another practical experience at a local health care employer as part of earning your bachelors in health administration in Washington.

Not only can applying for financial aid help you earn money for your education, it can help you connect with leaders in your industry. Look to employers, schools, and health associations for scholarship opportunities. The Washington Health Care Association is a statewide organization with several scholarship programs. The Washington State Opportunity Scholarship aims to support future health care leaders with grants and scholarships.

Working as a Healthcare Administrator in Washington

It should be clear that networking is a major part of succeeding in this field. Building a professional network before you even graduate can help you jump start your career. Consider joining the Washington State Medical Group Management Association, a group that empowers medical managers to stay on top of industry demands and effectively lead their organizations.

The state of Washington has a fairly prominent need for medical managers. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net predicts a 21 percent increase in medical management job openings throughout the state. Per O*Net, the average salary for a Washington medical manager is $100,300 per year.

In response to new health care legislation, new medical facilities are popping up all over Washington. Two newly-opened community health centers in Washington recently received $1 million from the federal government to start operations.

If you’re interested in veterans’ care, Washington may be the place for you to settle down. The state is looking for ways to help veterans and meet their need for health care.

This could be the ideal time to get started in a new career. Find out more about your options by contacting the schools listed on our site that offer programs in health services administration in Washington today.

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