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Bachelors in Health Care Administration in West Virginia

Federal and statewide legislation has made it easier for West Virginia residents to get the health insurance they need and enjoy affordable health care services. This means major changes are on the horizon for health care facilities all over the state. By learning about health services administration in West Virginia and pursuing a degree in this field, you may be able to help a local organization succeed.

Contact the schools you see below that offer bachelors in healthcare administration in West Virginia to learn more about getting started in this field.

Medical care for West Virginia’s disabled citizens is a big concern for much of the state. Changing caregiver payment protocols in the state may change how medical facilities and care providers function. Administrators who are willing to stay up to date on laws may be a major asset to their employers.

Bachelor of Healthcare Administration Programs in West Virginia

A bachelors in health science in west Virginia may be your first step to a career in this field. This degree can prepare you for leadership roles within departments, within organizations, and even in government agencies. Over the course of your four years in school, you may study fields like management, finances and budgeting, population health, health statistics, and leadership.

To get a thorough understanding of each of these fields and how they function in health care, you must complete a thorough curriculum of courses. Your school may require you to take courses like Health Care Financial Management, Organizational Behavior & Leadership Theory, Population Health & Epidemiology, Health Systems Improvement, Health Care Economics, and Health Care Policy. A residency or internship may round out your education and give you the practical experience you may need to find a job.

Applying for scholarships can often be a great way to save money on your educational expenses or avoid student loans. The West Virginia Health Care Association funds scholarships ranging from $500 to $2,250 to deserving students. The CAMC Foundation awards scholarships to West Virginia students who plan on working in West Virginia after graduation.

Joining a professional networking group can make the most of your time and help you prepare for your future while you are earning your bachelors in health administration in West Virginia. As a student, look into joining the West Virginia Medical Group Management Association. This group offers a number of services to members, including networking events, legislative updates, training events and seminars, and job listings.

Working as a Healthcare Administrator in West Virginia

Medical managers may enjoy a very positive job outlook for years to come. Between 2018 and 2028 job openings in this field are projected to increase by 15 percent. In West Virginia, the average income for a medical manager is $111,120 per year.

Primary health care is a growing part of this industry. The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources has recently started urging WV residents to find their primary care providers. This measure may improve community health as a whole.

Medicaid expansion in West Virginia has increased food stamp signups in the state, leading more residents to get the health care and the food they need to thrive.

Are you ready to change the field of health care and help patients get the care they need? Get started by contacting health care administration schools in West Virginia from those listed below.


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