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What skills can you bring to the field of healthcare? You may prefer administrative tasks and interpersonal management to hands-on patient care and medical testing. If this describes you, a Master of health administration Florida program may be the next step in your education.

While the state of Florida has made many impressive gains in healthcare in recent years, there is a lot of work to be done by administrators, public health officials, and insurance professionals. Statistics indicate that Florida has an above-average percentage of children in poor health and an above-average percentage of adults without proper healthcare coverage.

You may prepare for your dream career at health science certificate programs.

Florida schools are listed below, so contact programs near you to learn more.

Healthcare Administration Education in Florida

You may want to evaluate your prior health administration education and work experience to find a healthcare informatics career that suits you.

There are two main certificate programs you may discover in your search: technical certificates, which are ideal for those without an Associate’s degree or Bachelor’s degree, and graduate certificates, which give Master’s degree graduates the chance to build up their skills in a specific area of study.

Technical Certificate of Completion in Health Management (24 credits)

  • Medical Terminology (3 credits)
  • Healthcare Project Management (3 credits)
  • Standard Healthcare Practices (3 credits)
  • Health Data Analysis (3 credits)

Graduate Certificate of Completion in Medical Informatics (15 credits)

  • Statistical Methods in Healthcare Research (3 credits)
  • Bioinformatics (3 credits)
  • Human-Computer Interaction (3 credits)
  • Data Science for Clinical Research (3 credits)

Graduate Certificate of Completion in Health Services Administration (12 credits)

  • Principles of Health Services Administration (3 credits)
  • Healthcare Budgeting and Financial Management (3 credits)
  • Healthcare Leadership (3 credits)
  • Healthcare Human Resources Management (3 credits)

You may complete your training fairly quickly. At many health services administration program Florida schools, you can earn your certificate in one to two semesters. Some certificate options require a full semester-long internship, while others require a shorter practicum. Others do not require any work experience, although it is still recommended.

Florida Careers with Healthcare Administration

Thanks to Florida’s well-developed healthcare industry, there are many healthcare administration jobs in nursing homes, clinics, insurance companies, and hospitals. Developing your healthcare administration skills in an internship may help you connect with potential employers and line up job options.

Patient representatives connect with patients via phone, face-to-face communication, and email on a daily basis. They must have a comprehensive knowledge of their facility’s policies and standards. Patient representatives earn an average of $35,490 per year in Florida. Job openings in this field are projected to increase by 4% between 2018 and 2028.

Those who become medical information technicians typically spend less time with patients and spend more time working with advanced health informatics technology. For that, they claim an average income of $43,750 per year. Job openings are forecast to increase by 18% between 2018 and 2028.

Medical services managers take on administrative tasks at every level of leadership within healthcare facilities. Their average healthcare administration salary is $110,130 per year.

Ready to start your journey to a rewarding healthcare career?

Get more information on Florida health administration degrees and certificates now by contacting the schools listed below.

Health Administration Schools

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2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary figures for Medical and Health Services Managers. Job growth projections sourced from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and published in the U.S. Department of Labor-funded Long Term Occupational Projections (2018-2028) database. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expressly refers users to this source for state-specific job market data. Salary figures and job market projections reflect state data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed December 2021.