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Are you new to the field of healthcare, or are you a healthcare provider who’s ready to turn your knowledge into management skills? Either way, you may be interested in attending health administration management programs.

Missouri schools prepare you to meet the many expectations of today’s healthcare employers and provide insight into the current state of healthcare in the United States. Depending on how much prior education and work experience you have, you may have several certificate options to consider. There are many areas of study that are specialized to suit certain career paths.

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Healthcare Administration Education in Missouri

While there are technical certificate programs in Missouri, most programs are graduate-level. They are intended for those who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree; some programs even require a Master’s of health administration.

Missouri technical certificate programs can often be completed in less than two years, since they are generally less demanding than Associate’s degree programs. Rather than combining general education and healthcare administration, they focus exclusively on healthcare administration courses.

If you’re considering a health administration graduate certificate, Missouri has numerous options. You may study policy and management. This field looks at the future of healthcare policy, how it affects patients and care providers, and how policy can be changed in the future to yield better outcomes.

Graduate Certificate of Completion in Healthcare Policy and Management (12 credits)

  • Leadership and Management in Healthcare Systems (3 credits)
  • Organization of Healthcare Delivery Systems (3 credits)
  • Marketing and Consumer-Driven Healthcare (3 credits)
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare Leadership (3 credits)

Another area of study you may pursue is public health. Public health looks at how healthcare decisions affect society as a whole.

Common topics in this area of study include immunizations, preventative care, wellness checks, and healthcare affordability. The training you get in this program may help you develop initiatives that lead to improved health in communities across Missouri.

Graduate Certificate of Completion in Public Health (12 credits)

  • Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Global Health (3 credits)
  • Statistical Methods in the Health Sciences (3 credits)
  • Human Health and the Environment (3 credits)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences in Public Health (3 credits)

Missouri Careers with Healthcare Administration

You should know which healthcare administration jobs suit your education and career goals by the time you complete your technical or graduate certificate. From entry-level jobs to high-level management jobs, there are healthcare openings at employers all over Missouri. Some of the most common places of employment include nursing homes, healthcare agencies, hospitals, public clinics, private clinics, and research firms.

If you earn a technical certificate and you are new to healthcare, you may look into an entry-level patient representative position. Patient representatives earn an average healthcare administration salary of $36,580 per year. Over the decade leading up to 2028, job openings in this field are projected to remain steady.

If your degree teaches you about patient confidentiality and medical records technology, you may want to become a medical records technician. In Missouri, the average salary for a medical records technician is $47,160 per year. This field has a projected 12% increase in job openings between 2018 and 2028.

Medical managers take care of leadership tasks at all levels of healthcare facilities. From 2018 through 2028, job openings for medical managers are projected to jump by 17%. The average annual salary in health management is $112,500.

This is the time to explore career options in health administration.

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