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Nebraska Healthcare Administration Certificate Programs

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The health and medical services industry is a shining star in Nebraska. It’s not only the largest employer in the state and named a Targeted Industry by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, it’s identified as a major contributor to job growth even beyond state borders to include the surrounding region.

Nebraska’s nationally ranked healthcare systems like Nebraska Medicine, which is home to two major hospitals, 40 specialty and primary health centers, and more than 9,000 employees, are part of this state’s success in the health and medical services industry and are where you’ll find exceptional professional opportunities in healthcare administration.

If you’re a clinician looking to transition to administration, a career changer with aspirations of serving as a leader in healthcare on your mind, or a business pro who knows that some of your best professional opportunities are bound to be in healthcare, a healthcare administration certificate program is what you’re after. Certificate programs offer a convenient and focused course of study that’s usually just a semester or two long, allowing you to get the education you need without the added expense and time of a degree program.


Healthcare Administration Education in Nebraska

Whether your interests lie in nursing home administration, the management of physicians’ offices, hospital management, or health informatics, you’ll find that a certificate program in healthcare administration serves as the ideal addition to your current degree.

Most certificate programs require a bachelor’s degree as a condition of admission, along with a strong undergraduate GPA. However, there are plenty of programs that although they assume students have already earned an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, don’t require it for admission.

Healthcare Management Certificate (14 credits)

  • Healthcare Economics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Healthcare Finance and Budgeting
  • Legal Issues of Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Marketing

You’ll also find a nice selection of graduate certificate programs in healthcare administration that are largely designed for working healthcare professionals (either clinical or administrative) who are looking to build upon their master’s degree by specializing in a specific area of healthcare administration, such as health informatics, human resources, strategic management, or healthcare law and policy. These types of programs come with few required courses and instead allow students to customize their course of study by choosing from a variety of electives.

Post-Master’s Certificate in Healthcare Administration

  • Healthcare Delivery Systems
  • Healthcare Leadership
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Management in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Quality and Risk Management

While you’ll find a number of on-campus healthcare administration certificate programs, you may be surprised to find just as many online programs that allow students to complete all or most of the program through distance-based learning. These programs combine the rigor of an on-campus course of study with the convenience and flexibility of online courses.

Nebraska Careers with Healthcare Administration

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about a career in healthcare administration in Nebraska, with outstanding career opportunities being first on the list. Projections show that between 2018 and 2028, the number of jobs in healthcare administration in Nebraska will increase by 15%, rising from 3,260 jobs in 2018 to about 3,750 in 2028.

During this ten-year period ending in 2028, the state expects to see about 330 annual job openings for professionals in healthcare administration due to a blend of new job growth, retirements, and natural job turnover.

Nebraska’s healthcare administrators earn a median salary of $107,440 which is about $3,000 more annually than the national median. With just a few years of experience, you can expect to earn about $84,090 in a healthcare management or leadership position in Nebraska, which represents the 25th percentile, while you’ll likely earn more than $153,330 with a graduate degree and many years of industry-related experience here, which represents earners in the top quadrant (75th – 90th percentile).

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2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary figures for Medical and Health Services Managers. Job growth projections sourced from the Nebraska Department of Labor and published in the U.S. Department of Labor-funded Long Term Occupational Projections (2018-2028) database. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expressly refers users to this source for state-specific job market data. Salary figures and job market projections reflect state data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed December 2021.