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Washington Healthcare Administration Certificate Programs

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Real, tangible efforts to improve Washington State’s healthcare system have allowed this state to earn a reputation as an innovator in healthcare and consistently rank among the best in the nation for its overall healthcare quality. After all, Washington was one of just a few states to take on the herculean task of healthcare reform in recent years, developing the nation’s first true “public option” healthcare insurance. Roadblocks and setbacks followed, but in a state as progressive as Washington, healthcare reform is a challenge it’ll gladly take on.

Earning a spot in Washington State’s healthcare system as a healthcare manager or administrator will allow you to enjoy a front-row seat to a healthcare system that’s always striving for better. Whether you’re a clinician looking to transition to administration, a business pro with aspirations of taking your business acumen to the healthcare field, or a current student or recent grad who knows that specializing in an area like public health, long-term care, or hospice administration will broaden your career opportunities, a healthcare administration certificate program will get you where you want to be.


Healthcare Administration Education in Washington

With a bachelor’s degree on your resume, you’ll be eligible for admission to many certificate programs in healthcare administration. While an undergrad degree in an area like public administration or business administration or in a clinical area like nursing or social work is the ideal undergrad degree to build upon with a certificate in healthcare administration, most programs will accept students with nearly any type of undergraduate degree.

A broad certificate in healthcare administration is always a good bet, as it provides a solid foundation on which to begin a career as a manager or administrator of a skilled nursing facility, physicians’ practice, home healthcare agency, or more. One or two semesters is all it takes begin reaping the rewards of a certificate in healthcare administration.

Graduate Certificate in Health Services Administration (16 credits)

  • Health Systems
  • Health Law and Human Resources
  • Health Systems Finance and Governance
  • Business Intelligence in Health Systems

Certificate in Healthcare Management (15 credits)

  • Health Sector Economic and Policy,
  • Health Program Planning and Development

You’ll find that many of these programs are offered either in a partially or fully online format to accommodate your busy schedule or geographical limitations. Online study is an excellent way to advance your education and skillset while still maintaining your professional and personal responsibilities.

Washington Careers with Healthcare Administration

Washington State’s professionals in healthcare administration are reaping the rewards of a growing healthcare system, a growing number of insured individuals and technological advancements. And projections reveal that this growth isn’t slowing down any time soon. In fact, between 2018 and 2018, the number of jobs among Washington’s healthcare administrators is projected to increase by 23%, rising from 7,950 in 2018 to about 9,740 by 2028.

During this ten-year period ending in 2028, the state expects to see about 1,060 annual job openings for healthcare administrators and managers due to new job growth, retirements, and natural job turnover.

Washington’s healthcare administrators earn a median salary of $119,380 as of May 2020, which is about $15,000 more annually than the national median during this time. Early career professionals in the state earn about $93,840, which represents the 25th percentile, while experienced healthcare administration professionals here earn more than $153,330 during this time, which represents the 75th – 90th percentile.

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