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Master’s in Healthcare Administration Programs in Alaska

Healthcare has been one of the most notable issues in politics recently, as the expansion of healthcare coverage has led to many more people gaining access to services. This expansion can create the need for a number of new positions for both healthcare providers and administrators. As the population continues to age, patients are in need of more services and healthcare administrators perform a vital role by making sure that healthcare organizations are performing efficiently and effectively.

The median annual salary for a healthcare administrator in Alaska is $108,740. An advanced degree in Health Services Administration may provide you with an opportunity for obtaining a position as a healthcare administrator. Take some time to check out both the ground based and online master’s in healthcare administration programs in Alaska that are listed on this page. You can request information from all of the schools you see, and we recommend that you do, in order to make a well informed decision about your future.

Curriculum of MHA Programs in Alaska

There is one ground based program in Alaska, located in Anchorage, which offers a master’s degree that may be most useful in pursuing a career as a health administrator. There are also online options that may allow you to earn your Master’s in Health Admin, Informatics or Public Health in Alaska as well. Contact each school to learn more about program details.

Alaska Pacific University offers a Master’s of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Health Services Administration. This degree program requires a minimum of 36 credits. Some of the required courses include economics, management, leadership and financial analysis. Electives are also offered and students may choose to complete a thesis as well. Electives involve ethical issues, health services evaluation and health service policies.

The program is typically completed within two years and can be completed by students who are also working full-time. Those who currently work in the healthcare industry may be able to obtain funding help from an employer, and can use the degree to help become qualified for desired career advancements.

To make the program flexible for those who have other obligations, courses are often offered in what is known as a hybrid format. This means that courses are partly online with some traditional class meetings. The program is designed to allow students to learn the business aspects of health services and make contributions to the community, while serving as a leader in healthcare.

The program prepares students for a number of different settings, as graduates may work in the private or public sector. Graduates may also work as healthcare administrators for the Native healthcare providers who reside in Alaska. You will be trained to work with expanding technology and to connect the services available in Alaska with those available in other parts of the world, exploring options for how to more effectively manage healthcare for Alaska’s population.

If you choose to pursue this program, you may qualify for direct student loans financed by the Department of Education. Prospective students can fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid at fafsa.gov and have it sent to the university to determine eligibility for financial aid. You can also contact the schools on our site to inquire about financial aid, scholarships and Alaska grants. Requesting information is a great way to start comparing your options as you move toward this essential healthcare career.


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