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Healthcare Administration Master’s Degrees in Georgia

There are many ways individuals can work in the health care industry. From technicians to nurses to administrative staff, the team of professionals that keep patients healthy and facilities running smoothly is vast. One of the most important positions in the field is that of the healthcare administrator.

To find master’s degrees in healthcare administration fields in Georgia, have a look at the options on this page to learn more. You can request information directly from the schools so you can compare key aspects of the health administration graduate programs across the state.

What is Health Administration?

Healthcare administration is a field within the health care industry that relates to the management, leadership, and administration of health care systems. This may include clinics, hospitals, or public health systems. Essentially, health administration refers to management positions from an administrative perspective. These administrators act as liaisons between the facility staff and the highest-level executives, ensuring the health care facility or larger health system operates smoothly day to day.

In an administrative position, a health administrator works behind the scenes at a health care facility. You can expect to do your fair share of paperwork, attend strategy and planning meetings, and work with all levels of leadership at the facility to ensure all departments are working cohesively. Your responsibilities will vary, sometimes widely, based on the size of the health care facility and staff as well as what the facility offers to patients. However, regardless of the specifics of your duties and responsibilities, as a health administrator, you are an integral player in the success of a health care facility.

What is a health administration degree?

A health administration master’s degree prepares you to pursue a leadership career in health administration. The degree program requires a four-year undergraduate degree in a related field, and a minimum level of professional experience in the health system. The amount of experience required varies by program. Some programs offer a dual MBA/MHA option, allowing you to earn a degree in health administration as well as a degree in business administration. This gives you a valuable knowledge base for the business aspect of health care management, as well as the medical aspects.

Generally, health administration master’s programs in Georgia provide students with a foundation of knowledge about what is necessary to run a health care facility and make important administrative decisions for the facility. Going into the program with experience in health care ensures that you already have some understanding of how a healthcare facility operates, from the perspective of an employee.

Why Should I Get my Master’s in Health Administration in Georgia?

Like the rest of the nation, Georgia has a need for skilled health care workers and managers. These individuals are integral to keeping people in the community healthy, identifying and meeting the state’s need for qualified, passionate health administrators, ensuring that facilities run smoothly, and maintaining the quality of care and reporting procedures mandated by state and federal laws.

In Georgia, the continuing expansion of the state’s medical services and increasing ability of the population to access healthcare, there is an increasing need for qualified health care professionals in the state. As the state continues to grow and develop, so, too, will the health care industry. The median salary of healthcare administrators in Georgia is $92,780 annually in Georgia, making this a solid career choice.

To learn more about your options, please contact the schools you see on our site and request program information. The more information you have, the better able you can compare key aspects of health admin master’s degrees in Georgia.


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