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Master’s of Healthcare Admin Programs in Louisiana

As Louisiana’s population continues to age, more patients are requiring complex healthcare services, placing a good deal of pressure on healthcare delivery systems. With the construction of University Medical Center and a new Veterans Affairs’ medical center, New Orleans is home to some of the largest medical facilities in the country. These facilities are examples of potential employers for healthcare administrators, a career that brings in an average annual salary of $105,790 in Louisiana.

This salary potential, when combined with the opportunity to positively affect healthcare services in the state, makes getting your Master’s in Healthcare Administration an enticing choice for those wishing to return to school. You can find a full listing of programs here on our site, and we encourage you to select and submit your request for more information to as many schools as you can. The more information you have to compare, the better prepared you will be to make the best choice about continuing your education.

Universities offering Health Administrator Degree Programs in Louisiana

Louisiana has universities offering a Master’s in Healthcare Administration (MHA) in several parts of the state. Louisiana State University-Shreveport offers the Master of Public Health degree as part of a 48-credit hour degree program. Students can complete the program in two academic years with an additional summer semester. The program will accept either a GRE or MCAT score. An interview is also required, along with three letters of recommendation and a personal objective statement.

Louisiana State University’s Shreveport campus also offers a Master of Health Administration degree that is completely online, like many of the other schools listed on our site. The online program features ten courses and can be completed in twelve months. The courses offered cover topics such as law, ethics and policy in regards to healthcare. Contact all those schools that offer the route you are interested in, whether it be online or campus based, to compare curriculum and other key aspects.

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette offers a Master’s of Business Administration program that has a health care administration option. Evening classes are offered. Instead of requiring a thesis, the program emphasizes internship experiences as part of the curriculum, which also includes foundation, business and management courses with a focus on healthcare. The GMAT is the required admissions exam.

The University of New Orleans offers a Master of Science in Health Care Management that is 33 credit hours. The courses include accounting, economics and law. Students take core courses and a selection of electives. The school also mentions that scholarships are available and encourages students to apply early for full consideration.

Another New Orleans option is Tulane University, which offers master’s degrees in public health, health administration, and a specialization in tropical medicine. Each of these programs is from 42 to 60 credit hours and includes a selection of core courses. Students are also able to gain practical experience during a practicum. To be admitted into the Master of Healthcare Administration program, a student is required to have a minimum GRE score of 1000 and an undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.0. Outstanding experience and strong letters of recommendation can compensate if minimum requirements are not met.

With similar requirements for admission, the best way to prepare for entrance to any master’s in healthcare admin program may be to utilize a test preparation course and have scores sent to several schools. All of the tests required by the schools have study guides available. The study guide can provide excellent examples of the types of questions that will be asked on the exam. Mock interviews can also help applicants prepare for the actual interview.

As other employment sectors decline, healthcare continues to grow. The healthcare industry has gained one million jobs since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. More people are becoming eligible for services and healthcare workers and administrators are needed to manage this expansion. A Master’s in Healthcare Administration could lead to a promising career that can be rewarding for years to come. Contact the schools on our page to learn more.


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