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Health Admin Graduate Programs in Mississippi

Whether you are a medical professional currently working in health care or working in another field, you may find career growth and personal satisfaction by earning a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration. Pursuing a Master’s degree in Heath Administration (MHA) is an excellent way for nurses, doctors, therapists and other medical professionals to become involved in the management and decision-making side of heath care. The field of health administration is the backbone of the business of providing cutting-edge medical services and excellent patient care. In Mississippi, there is a need for professionals in this field and growth in professional opportunity is expected.

To find the MHA programs in Mississippi that may meet your needs, contact the schools you see on this page that offer the different routes you are interested in. Once you have program materials, you can make a well-informed decision about how to progress your education to expand your healthcare career.

MHA Degree Options in Mississippi

Campus based, low-residency and online health care administration programs in MS are available for addressing different individual educational and professional development needs. Admission requirements for this level of education often include a prior Bachelor’s level degree but the area of study of that degree often varies widely. The curriculum for these degrees often includes courses in health care finance, economics, management, heath care law and medical ethics.

These programs may take 2 to 4 years to complete, depending on your availability and the program structure. Basic understanding of the health care system, college accounting and college economics courses at the undergraduate level are often prerequisites to entering the master’s program. It is expected that professionals who have earned the Master’s in Health Administration be qualified to manage complex heath care systems and direct the work of others in health care settings. As such, programs may offer internships, residency work or other hands-on experiences for academic credit.

Scholarships and Other MHA Funding Options

Prospective master’s degree students who are currently working in the medical field should first check with their employer to determine if tuition assistance is available for courses taken towards education and professional development. This assistance may range from total tuition payment or reimbursement to paid-time off or flexible scheduling to support your educational endeavors.

Master’s in Healthcare Admin scholarship opportunities may be available from private organizations as well as public grants, depending on your needs and circumstances. Generous Federal Student Loan repayment plans specific to those employees serving in some public service areas may also help make funding a Master’s in Degree in Health Administration in Mississippi a reality when student loans are needed to cover additional need.

Career Outlook for Those with Master’s in Healthcare Admin Degrees in Mississippi

The job outlook is positive for the health administration profession. It is expected that Mississippi jobs in health administration will grow by 7 percent between 2018 and 2028. Health administration professionals may find that they are in high-demand in the state of Mississippi.

Career options for professionals with a Master’s in Health Administration vary widely. Earning this degree gives you a broad preparation in both finance and management. With this background, you may find yourself qualified to manage a small medical practice, to serve as an administrator of a non-profit organization or to work overseeing patient care personnel and programs in a nursing care facility. This variety of options means that after completing your Master’s degree you may develop a nimble career, exploring different opportunities and professional interests. Large companies that employ health administration professionals in Mississippi include Baptist Memorial Hospitals, the University of Mississippi Medical Center and the Mississippi Public Health Organization.

Medical and other bachelor’s degree holding professionals may find personal and professional growth and satisfaction by earning a master’s degree. Pursuing an advanced degree in health administration in Mississippi may lead to improved job prospects and the opportunity for advancement in a rewarding field that spans human development, medical science and healthcare business fields.


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Health Administration Schools

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