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With the advent of the Bakken oil field development, a mass migration of thousands of people has resulted in hundreds of health care administration opportunities annually in North Dakota, especially in rural areas, according to an anonymous university source. Positions in healthcare administration remain unfilled and the educational training institutions are stressed to meet demand, attempting to work with students through online and classroom study opportunities.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics several years ago reported the annual mean wage for medical and health services managers was $73,205 in North Dakota where there was only one administrator per 1600 people on average. But, even as recently as two years ago, the population was impacted significantly by the boom in oil field development. Many in the emerging population influx had limited health insurance which continues to impact health care management of institutions and individual employers significantly.

Existing health care facilities are unable to meet all health care administrator needs, resulting in the state fathers looking to develop health care providers on all levels, e.g., MDs, EMTs, nurses, etc. The bottom line in all of this, is that it is a great time to earn your MHA in North Dakota. Solid leadership and healthcare leaders with innovative and effective strategies for care delivery are needed now. Contact the schools on our site that offer master’s programs in healthcare administration to get started.

Graduate Healthcare Administration Studies in North Dakota

North Dakota has only a few urban areas with much of the state being rural. Recognizing the rural nature of much of the state and the difficulty in traveling great distances for education, the educational system in many cases has developed a hybrid mixture of online and classroom opportunities for obtaining advanced degrees in health care administration. Recognized health care professions have also attempted to meet those administrative needs by developing expertise within their professional areas that cross over into general health care administration.

Some of the recognized educational opportunities within North Dakota that position you as a healthcare administrator include: Master of Science Nursing (MSN) and Master of Business Administration (MBA)--Dual Degree Program; Healthcare M.B.A. in Human Resource Management M.B.A; Nurse Administrator: MSN Degree Program; Master of Business Administration in Healthcare; Master of Public Administration; and Master of Public Health—Population Health Analytics and Health Management.

Unless a student begins as an undergraduate with the goal of graduation on the Masters or PhD levels, the usual undergraduate degree is the place from which application begins. Depending on the specific degree, a health-related or accounting-related degree will typically be required. You will want to apply early to the schools you are interested in, as there may be several other applicant with which you are competing for acceptance.

Some of the typical courses you will encounter in a Master’s level healthcare degree include many business and leadership courses. The curriculum goals will seek to develop reasonable functioning in accounting and financial management; legal and economic implications for healthcare organizations from a business perspective; practical use of decision-support tools; and professional writing competence.

A variety of scholarship opportunities may be available, some related to health care developments motivated by oil-boom related legislation. Applicants must meet the usual qualifications, e.g., a health sciences or business major, etc. Apply early for these as well, as you will be competing with many others in your field.

Once you have completed your Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, you may find several gob opportunities for which you qualify. The typical administrator will be located in a hospital, clinic system, outpatient care center or physician’s office. Again, the mean annual salary for Medical and Health Services managers in ND is $78,510, making this a solid career choice in the state.

Contact the schools you see on our site to learn more about applying to and enrolling in graduate healthcare administration programs in North Dakota today.

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