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Healthcare Admin Master’s Degrees in Pennsylvania

If you are a person who keeps up with national trends, you will be aware of the dynamic changes taking place in the healthcare industry. The major scientific, technological, consumer and social trends occurring in the world today are altering the very concept of health care delivery in Pennsylvania.

Graduate programs in health administration have taken innovative steps to meet these changes and to prepare a new crop of healthcare administrators to take on tomorrow’s healthcare delivery demands. If you are a problem solver drawn to challenges in management requiring creative solutions, this is a career that offers exciting opportunities today and in the near future. Contact the schools you see below to learn more about graduate healthcare administration degree programs in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, a number of universities provide the Masters in Health Administration (MHA) program in different formats and lengths. Several of these programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME), the accrediting body recognized by the federal government. Characteristics of these and other programs are summarized below.

Master’s in Health Administration Programs in Pennsylvania

If you are looking to earn you MHA, Pennsylvania universities offer these graduate degrees within schools of Business Administration, Public Health or Human Services. Although differing in emphasis, length and format, the programs share the aim of producing graduates with the knowledge and competencies to take on leadership roles in various healthcare settings.

Residential programs are one or two years in length, requiring 33 to 60 credit hours; evening and Saturday classes accommodate part-time working students. You can also earn your Masters in Healthcare Administration online. Pennsylvania online MHA programs usually consist of 33 to 44 credits are supplemented with weekend courses or workshops to provide opportunities for face to face contact with faculty and other students.

Pennsylvania MHA Program Requirements

Admissions requirements are similar for all healthcare administration masters programs in Pennsylvania and usually consist of the following:

1. A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a 3.0 GPA; in some programs, 2.5 or 2.75
2. GRE or GMAT if the GPA standard is not met
3. Two or three letters of reference
4. Resume
5. Statement of career and educational goals
6. Personal interview

Programs for part-time professionals require, in addition, three to seven years of work in healthcare settings or in supervisory experience.

Health administration graduates are expected to become problem solvers who have developed:

  • Knowledge of the healthcare system and environment
  • A capacity for ethical leadership and management in different settings
  • Communication and relationship management skills
  • Ability to use appropriate analytics and information systems to solve problems
  • Business skills and knowledge
  • Professionalism

Courses common to master’s level health administration programs in PA can include:

  • Health Care Organization and Administration
  • Organization Behavior
  • Financial Management
  • Health Care Economics
  • Marketing
  • Health Care Statistics and Research Methods
  • Health Care Law
  • Human Resources Management
  • Health Care Ethics

Both residential and online MHA programs provide opportunities for learning directly from preceptors in an internship or residency, or from courses and workshops where students interact with faculty and practice strategic problem solving and policy generation.

Career Opportunities for Healthcare Administrators in Pennsylvania

The job outlook for healthcare administrators is good, and many universities report close to 100 percent placement of graduates within a few months after graduation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
reported a job outlook of 23 percent, much faster than average, for Medical and Health Service Managers between 2012 and 2022. The MHA degree qualifies the graduate for positions in hospitals and health systems, medical practice and ambulatory care organizations, long-term care facilities, mental health organizations, consulting firms, insurance companies, pharmaceutical firms and government agencies.

BLS reported that Medical and Health Service Managers earned an average yearly salary of $101,340 in 2013. The average that year in Pennsylvania was $92,870. When BLS analyzed the state data by metropolitan areas, the three communities reporting wages higher than the national average were: Reading at $123,710, Altoona at $113,320 and Philadelphia at $102,320.

Pennsylvania universities have come up with a variety of MHA programs to accommodate graduate students with different interests, backgrounds and life/work situations. If this career interests you, contact the schools on our site to find a program that will suit you and can escort you toward a most exciting and rewarding journey in the world of health care.

Health Administration Schools

Additional Health Administration Schools in Pennsylvania
Arcadia University(Glenside, PA)
  • MBA - Global Health
  • MS - Public Health
  • MMM - Medical Management
Chestnut Hill College(Philadelphia, PA)
  • MS - Administration in Human Services
Duquesne University(Pittsburgh, PA)
  • MHMS - Health Management Systems
Eastern University(Saint Davids, PA)
  • MBA - Health Administration
King's College(Wilkes Barre, PA)
  • Master of Science in Health Care Administration
La Salle University(Philadelphia, PA)
  • Master of Business Administration/Master of Science in Nursing: Nursing Administration
Marywood University(Scranton, PA)
  • Masters of Health Services Administration
  • Master of Science in Health and Human Services Administration
Penn State Harrisburg(Middletown, PA)
  • Masters in Health Administration
  • Masters in Health Policy and Administration
Pennsylvania State University(University Park, PA)
  • Masters in Health Administration
  • Masters in Health Policy and Administration
Philadelphia University(Philadelphia, PA)
  • Masters in Business Administration in Health Care Management
  • Master of Health Science in Healthcare Administration
Temple University(Philadelphia, PA)
  • Master of Healthcare Management
  • Master of Public Health
  • Master of Science in Healthcare Financial Management
  • Dual MBA-MHA
  • MBA - Healthcare Management
  • Master of Health Administration - Global Health
  • Master of Health Administration - Health Informatics
  • Online MS in Health Informatics
  • Online Master of Health Administration
Thomas Jefferson University(Philadelphia, PA)
  • Master of Public Health
University of Pennsylvania(Philadelphia, PA)
  • Master of Public Health: Anthropology
  • Master of Public Health: Behavior, Psychology, Community Health
  • Master of Public Health: Environmental/Occupational Health
  • Master of Public Health: Ethics
  • Master of Public Health: Genetics and Genetic Epidemiology
  • Master of Public Health: Global Health
  • Master of Public Health: History and Sociology of Science
  • Master of Public Health: Nutrition
  • Master of Public Health: Policy and Health Care Management
University of Pittsburgh(Pittsburgh, PA)
  • Master of Public Health: Health Care Program Management Track
  • Master of Public Health: Health Policy Track
  • Master of Public Health: Public Health Agency Management Track
  • Master of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Services: Health Care Supervision and Management Concentration
  • Masters of Health Administration
  • Master of Public Health: Community Health Focus
  • Master of Public Health: Environmental Health Focus
  • Master of Public Health: Health Care Administration Focus
  • Master of Public Health: Integrative Health Focus
  • Master of Public Health: Nutrition Focus
Wilkes University - Online(Wilkes-Barre, PA)
  • Master of Business Administration: Health Care Administration Concentration