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Master’s in Health Administration in Rhode Island

Exciting opportunities are available in healthcare administration for candidates with a master’s degree in this field. Nurses wishing to continue in the medical industry or individuals with a bachelor’s degree in another major have many options to return to college to earn a Master in Healthcare Administration (MHA) in RI. If you are already employed with a Bachelor of Healthcare Administration you may see career advancement opportunities resulting from a graduate degree.

In Rhode Island, options to pursue this advanced degree are plentiful. Contact those schools you see below that offer MHA degrees in Rhode Island to learn more about program details. Once you have had a chance to compare your options, you can make a wise decision about where you want to enroll.

Admission requirements vary among the Rhode Island schools that offer graduate degrees in Healthcare Administration and coursework can often be adapted to your schedule. This graduate degree may be earned in only two years depending upon your existing workload.

The Rhode Island Service Employees International Union (SEIU) website presents pertinent data regarding the growing challenges to the state’s healthcare industry. With 14.6 percent of the population over 65 years of age and 27.5 percent over 55, Rhode Island must prepare for a growing demand. In addition, 8 percent of adults have diabetes, 62.5 percent are overweight and 10.9 percent have asthma, leading to complex care needs.

According to the same source, the Affordable Care Act will add 57,000 additional patients who qualify for medical insurance assistance. This means that the number of qualified professionals who may be needed to manage the delivery of healthcare services could increase as well. Positioning yourself as a leader in this industry is possible by earning an advanced degree, and could lead to improved healthcare outcomes across the state.

Healthcare Administration Master’s Programs in Rhode Island

Several universities offer graduate educational opportunities to Rhode Island residents in many areas of healthcare management. Contact the schools with MHA options in Rhode Island to see which may work best for you.

The on-campus choice requires the completion of a minimum of twelve courses (36 hours). These include marketing, management, finance, ethics, health law, and administration. Electives are senior care, labor relations, group psychology and communications. Internships are also available and encouraged.

Admission to this graduate program requires an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution, letters of recommendation, a personal statement of intent, an undergraduate GPA that reflects the ability to succeed in this program, and GRE/GMAT test results.

If your schedule and life situation do not allow attendance at an on-campus institution, there are several accredited online Master’s in Health Admin options available to Rhode Island residents. These programs allow you to work at your own pace to achieve your goals.

Need-based financial aid is available with all options with application to the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Assistance determination is made after review of the application. Federal grants and loans are also available.

Working as a Healthcare Administrator in Rhode Island

Healthcare administration opportunities are quite varied. Healthcare managers and leaders are needed to manage clinics, hospital departments, medical practices, nursing homes and even medical insurance companies. Key functions can vary, but essentially, administrators facilitate operations on the business side, while allowing doctors and healthcare professionals to attend to their patients without distraction. As mentioned, senior care management is in particular high demand in light of the ageing population of Rhode Island.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare administrators in Rhode Island are among the highest paid in the nation. While the median salary for healthcare managers and administrators in the United States was $88,580 in 2012, Rhode Island’s median pay was a much higher, at $112,200.

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to enter the retirement years, demand for healthcare management and infrastructure will likely continue growing at a rapid rate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that this profession will be growing faster than many other occupations. By 2022, employment in healthcare management is projected to grow by 23 percent or about 73,300 additional jobs.

In Rhode Island, there are several great choices for a master’s in healthcare administration degree. There are on-campus options as well as several accredited online MHA programs from which to choose. Request program information from the schools on our site to get started today.

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