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Master’s in Healthcare Admin Programs in West Virginia

Healthcare administration is becoming one of the most dynamic professions in the United States. The aging of the Baby Boomer population, combined with the development of life-extending drugs and procedures is increasing the demand on the nation’s healthcare infrastructure. The implementation of the Affordable Healthcare Act has also added to the numbers of individuals receiving healthcare.

Healthcare administrators manage in several different situations including hospital departments, nursing care facilities, out-patient care centers and multiple physician offices. The broad function of the administrator is to manage the business of the organization to allow doctors and healthcare professionals to focus completely on their patients.

A Master of Healthcare Administration degree could be very beneficial to entry and advancement in this profession. Candidates to pursue this advanced degree are nurses who wish to remain in the healthcare field. Others who should consider this would be anyone who has earned a bachelor’s degree in another field, but would like to pursue a career in healthcare.

If you are ready to make a difference in the field of healthcare delivery in West Virginia, take some time to request information from the schools that offer MHA degrees to learn more.

Outlook for Healthcare Administration Careers

The mean wage for a healthcare administrator in West Virginia is $111,120. Compare this to the overall mean wage for all jobs in West Virginia of $45,380, and you will see how beneficial it may be to get your MHA in the state.

Growth in the field of healthcare management is projected to outstrip almost all other industries. Between 2018 and 2028, the demand for administrators is expected to grow by 15 percent.

Master of Healthcare Administration Programs in West Virginia

In West Virginia, there are several options to pursue a Master in Healthcare Administration. Depending upon personal situation and schedule, the options include accredited on-campus and online universities.

You may be able to get your Master in Public Health with a choice of four areas of focus in WV: Health Policy, Healthcare Management, Environmental Policy and Public Health leadership. Typically, the program takes two years as a full-time student. The program is designed for individuals at the beginning or in mid-career looking for additional credentials to move upward.

You may also choose to earn a Master of Science in Public Health with an emphasis on Healthcare Management. In addition to courses in public health and management, students are introduced to courses in informatics, policy, health law and ethics. A total of 44 credit hours are required for the graduate degree, which typically requires a two-year commitment.

Entry requirements for the program are similar across programs and may include a bachelor’s degree in any field, preferably with a 3.0 GPA. The applicant will be required to submit GRE test results, standard for entry into most graduate schools.

Sometimes your life situation does not permit a full-time commitment to an on-campus experience. Several accredited online options are available that can provide the same results while working at your own pace. Many continue to work while committing to a vigorous graduate program. Contact the schools on our site to learn more about earning your MHA online in West Virginia today.

Universities offer a range of merit-based and need-based scholarships. As well, Veterans should contact the VA coordinator at each school for financial aid information. All prospective students should complete the FAFSA (Federal Student Aid) application to determine which scholarships and loans may be available to their circumstances.

To learn about your full range of options for earning your MHA in West Virginia, contact the schools listed below to get program details, curriculum information and costs. The first step to reaching your career goals is to get the education you need.


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Health Administration Schools

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