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PhD Healthcare Administration Degree Programs in Alaska

Why Should I Get My PhD in Healthcare Administration in Alaska?

The importance of healthcare in American society cannot be ignored. Access to healthcare is one of the best ways to improve quality of life, life expectancy, and overall health.

Expand your potential in this industry with an advanced degree. Keep reading to learn more about earning a doctorate in health administration in Alaska.

If you are passionate about this industry, a PhD in health administration could put you in a position to reshape Alaska health facilities, ensure that money is being used efficiently, and improve health outcomes.

Throughout the state, healthcare leaders hope to fix major medical issues in Alaska (Alaska Public Radio, 2016). These issues include high levels of addiction, the highest suicide rate in the country, and inadequate access to mental health care. A doctoral degree may provide you the insight and problem-solving skills needed to address these.

The insurance sector of healthcare is also struggling in Alaska, demanding new leadership and solutions. New federal and state regulations have put a significant financial strain on these companies.

Are There Online PhD Programs in Healthcare Administration in Alaska?

You should consider a wide variety of educational options while looking for the perfect PhD program. In Alaska, the majority of programs require the completion of 30 credits and a dissertation. Not only should these courses teach you about complex health problems and potential solutions, they should help you find a particular area of health administration that you would like to specialize in throughout your career.

The following courses and ones similar to these classes are often required in health administration PhD programs:

  • Foundations in Health Leadership
  • Health Policy
  • Managing Health Care Information
  • Quantitative Methods for Research
  • Applied Research Techniques
  • Global and Community Health

You may already work in healthcare or business, and your work hours may limit your school choices. However, online health administration programs are an excellent option to consider. Through these programs, you can complete the same courses that you would take in a traditional program and work on readings and assignments on your schedule.

If you plan on staying in Alaska after you graduate, you may want to look into financial aid programs. The Mat-Su Health Foundation offers scholarships each year to aspiring healthcare professionals. You may also get some or all of your educational costs covered by working as a research assistant or teaching assistant.

What Kind of PhD in Health Administration Jobs Can I Find in Alaska?

With your PhD healthcare administration in Alaska, you may work under a number of job titles. If you want to oversee staff, manage large facilities, and be responsible for industry growth, you may work as a health services manager. Between 2012 and 2022, demand for health services managers may increase by 20% in Alaska (O*Net, 2016). The median income for an Alaska health services manager is $121,530 per year (BLS, 2016).

If you are more invested in research, look into becoming a clinical research coordinator. Job openings may jump 7% by 2022, and the current average income is $98,900 per year (O*Net, 2016).

Dedicating your career to health administration is one way to influence significant change in your state and work on causes that really matter to you. Reach out to schools in our list below to learn more about completing a PhD health administration in Alaska.

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