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PhD Health Administration Degree Programs in Louisiana

Why Should I Get My PhD in Healthcare Administration in Louisiana?

As a Southern state, Louisiana has had its fair share of healthcare challenges in the last few years. Trying to provide care to the rural communities of the state without taking funding away from more populated areas demands innovative solutions. With a doctorate in health administration, you may be in the perfect position to come up with those solutions.

Making the most of your education could be the first step to a new career. Find out how you can get started by contacting the best doctoral degree programs in health administration in Louisiana.

With so much change occurring, this is an excellent time to take an active role in the healthcare industry of Louisiana. Since passage of the ACA and Medicaid expansion, over half a million residents have become newly eligible for Medicaid, and currently the uninsured rate has fallen to 9%. These developments require support and change from executives and researchers all over Louisiana.

Are There Online PhD Programs in Healthcare Administration in Louisiana?

In Louisiana, there are two main routes you may follow to earn your PhD in health administration. First, you may earn your Bachelor’s degree and transition straight into a PhD program. This requires you to complete Master’s-level courses during your degree, adding approximately two years to your time spent in school. Second, you may choose to earn a PhD after first earning a Master’s degree in a relevant field.

In either case, PhD funding tends to be very similar. You may find that most programs restrict the amount of students they accept to allow them to award funding to all students. On your end, this means that you should be ready to put forward an exceptional application for consideration.

When you begin your education, you may receive partial or full funding. In exchange, your school may require you to spend a certain number of hours per week working as a teaching assistant or research assistant. You may want to look into funding options as you figure out where to get your PhD in health administration in Louisiana.

In between teaching and researching, you may take courses like those listed below:

  • Healthcare Systems
  • Healthcare Organizational Behavior
  • Healthcare Law and Ethics
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Healthcare Economics
  • Healthcare Strategic Management
  • Healthcare Finance

On top of your standard classroom courses, it’s likely that you’ll have to complete an internship or practicum. For the final portion of your PhD education, you create your dissertation, which is a reflection of your research interests, goals, and growth.

What Kind of PhD in Health Administration Jobs Can I Find in Louisiana?

When you successfully earn your PhD, you may have the qualifications needed for a whole new set of career paths. Some graduates go into medical research, while others work at universities as professors and researchers. You can also pursue higher-level management positions at medical institutions or work in health policy. Some of the largest medical care and research centers in Louisiana include Pennington Biomedical Research Center, University Medical Center, and National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana.

Your doctorate in health administration salary in Louisiana depends on the career path you choose. Medical service managers in this state earn an average of $105,790 per year, while clinical research coordinators earn an average of $102,720 per year. Between 2018 and 2028, job openings for medical service managers are projected to increase by 8% and job openings for clinical research coordinators should increase by 2%.

Discover what opportunities await you by contacting PhD health administration programs in Louisiana below.

2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics salary figures for Medical and Health Services Managers. Job growth projections sourced from the Louisiana Workforce Commission and published in the U.S. Department of Labor-funded Long Term Occupational Projections (2018-2028) database. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expressly refers users to this source for state-specific job market data. Salary figures and job market projections reflect state data, not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Data accessed December 2021.

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