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PhD Health Administration Degree Programs in New Mexico

Why Should I Get My PhD in Healthcare Administration in New Mexico?

New Mexico has been afflicted by healthcare challenges, scandals, and controversies for several years. To prevent these issues from occurring and to handle them when they arise, the state needs a fresh injection of highly educated health administration PhD graduates.

If you want to explore new options in healthcare careers, reach out to PhD health administration programs in New Mexico for more information.

The behavioral healthcare system of New Mexico is in complete disarray, due to an official’s decision to freeze Medicaid funding to 15 behavioral health organizations (NM Politics, 2016). The official brought in five companies to try to stabilize mental healthcare in New Mexico, and three of those five companies have left the state.

As a result, legislators have drafted a law that would stop Medicaid care providers from being affected by fraud freezes, a move that would protect New Mexico’s vulnerable populations from being denied care (Santa Fe New Mexican, 2016).

Are There Online PhD Programs in Healthcare Administration in New Mexico?

New Mexico has some of the most critical unmet healthcare needs in the entire country, and PhD programs realize their responsibility to produce graduates who can work towards solving these issues. For that reason, you may find that many doctorate and health administration programs in New Mexico focus on rural health and bilingual health care needs. Courses in these areas help you become familiar with the specific healthcare needs of New Mexico and give you the skills you need to properly address them.

If you have a Bachelor’s degree, plan on spending between five and seven years completing 70 to 80 credits. If you have a Master’s degree in a field related to health administration, you may be expected to complete 40 to 50 credits in about four years. Curriculum requirements are very similar for both paths.

Depending on your current level of education, you may be required to take courses like those listed here:

  • Health Policy and Management
  • Research Methods for Health Managers
  • Health Economics
  • Healthcare Policy and Program Evaluation
  • Healthcare Information and Technology
  • Healthcare Payment Systems
  • Health Policy, Politics, and Social Equity
  • Health Law

The type of practical experience you get in this program is dependent on your career goals and the school you choose. For example, if you want to work as a healthcare executive after graduation, you may complete one or two semester-long internships at local medical facilities.

If you want to stay in the world of academia, you may meet your practical education requirements by teaching courses and conducting research.

What Kind of PhD in Health Administration Jobs Can I Find in New Mexico?

Across the board, doctorate-level salaries in New Mexico are on par with national averages. With a PhD in health administration in New Mexico, you may choose to go into healthcare management. Medical services managers in New Mexico earn a median salary of $90,100 annually, and job openings are expected to increase 18% between 2012 and 2022 (O*Net, 2016). The job outlook is stable for New Mexico clinical research coordinators, who earn an average salary of $100,200 per year in this role (O*Net, 2016).

If you complete an internship as a doctoral student, you may find work opportunities at your internship site. Otherwise, you can look into medical clinics and facilities, government agencies, and educational institutions. Major healthcare providers in New Mexico include Heart Hospital New Mexico, Presbyterian Hospital, and Eastern New Mexico Medical Center.

Are you ready to find out how you can earn a doctorate in health administration in New Mexico? Learn more about your options by contacting the schools listed below.

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